List of articles in Neurospora Newsletter (1-32), arranged alphabetically by first author

1 Afanasieva, T.P., S.Yu. Filippovich and M.S. Kritsky 1984. 31:19. An increase of NAD+ kinase activity in Neurospora cells during adaptation to environmental stress.

2 Agsteribbe, E. 1979. 26:19. Protoplasts from Neurospora crassa.

3 Ahmad, M. 1962. 1:7. A quick method of obtaining double mutants and heterocaryon compatible isolates from mutants derived from foreign stocks.

4 Ahmad, M. 1964. 6:5. A study of the lys-3 locus in Neurospora crassa.

5 Ahmad, M., A. Das, M.R. Khan, and M.N. Huda 1967. 11:19. Improving fertility in crosses of N. crassa lys-5 mutants.

6 Ahmad, M. and S. Hoque 1980. 27:34. A more precise mapping of trp-5 in Neurospora crassa.

7 Ahmad, M. and S.H. Mirdha 1968. 13:22. Linkage data for four linkage group III markers in Neurospora crassa.

8 Ahmad, M. and A. Rahman 1969. 15:11. Use of mammalian sex hormones to improve fertility in crosses.

9 Aiuto, R. 1966. 9:17. A rapid method for obtaining linkage group IV double mutant stocks.

10 Aiuto, R. 1966. 10:16. Intergenic mapping by a sorbose selection technique.

11 Aiuto, R., L. MacPhail and C.A. Hall 1973. 20:15. Differential revertibility of me-1 alleles.

12 Aiuto, R. and A.S. Sussman 1976. 23:15. Growth inhibition of Neurospora by DMSO.

13 Al-Saqur, A. 1975. 22:6. Effects of anti-fungal agents on growth of Neurospora.

14 Al-Saqur, A.M. and F.A. Sa`ed 1982. 29:22. Growth rate comparison of drug resistance strains of Neurospora species.

15 Al-Saqur, A. and B.R. Smith 1980. 27:16. Resistance to surface active drugs of wild type strains and newly isolated mutants of Neurospora crassa.

16 Al-Saqur, A. and B.R. Smith 1980. 27:17. Surfactant resistance in natural Neurospora populations.

17 Alberghina, F.A.M. and E. Martegani 1977. 24:10. Modeling Neurospora growth.

18 Alberghina, F.A.M. and E. Sturani 1971. 18:9. RNA content and growth rate in Neurospora crassa mycelium.

19 Alberghina, F.A.M. and E. Sturani 1973. 20:15. Inhibition of ribosomal RNA synthesis without accumulation of guanosinetetraphosphate.

20 Allison, M. 1967. 12:12. A method for detection of suppressor genes closely linked to the suppressed locus.

21 Anagnostakis, S.L. 1980. 27:36. Notes on the genetics of Endothia parasitica.

22 Applegate, P.J., R.E. Nelson and R.L. Metzenberg 1978. 25:17. Mutant enrichment by filtration concentration: a variation for the selection of temperature-conditional heterocaryons.

23 Aradi, J., M. Schablik, A. Zsindely, A. Kiss, P. Elodi and G. Szabo 1977. 24:3. Factors affecting DNA uptake by Neurospora crassa.

24 Aradi, J., A. Zsindely, A. Kiss and M. Schablik 1980. 27:27. Purification of Neurospora myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase by affinity chromatography.

25 Ardizzi, J.P. and A.M. Srb 1981. 28:6. "E-like" ascospore excision mutants in Neurospora tetrasperma resistant to either p-DL-fluorophenylalanine or methyl benzimidazol-1-yl carbamate.

26 Auerbach, C., B.J. Kilbey and G. Kølmark 1962. 2:4. Response of two loci to interaction treatment.

27 Auerbach, C., B.J. Kilbey and G. Kølmark 1962. 2:4. Differences in dose-effect curves for UV-induced reverse mutations at two different loci.

28 Aurich, H. 1965. 8:11. Analysis of free proteinogenic intracellular amino acids of Neurospora by ion exchange chromatography.

29 Aurich, H. and J. Hofmann 1970. 16:12. Effect of pyridoxal deficiency on biotin content of N. sitophila.

30 Baer, D. and P. St. Lawrence 1964. 6:5. Autoradiographic determination of the location of radioactivity in asci grown on some tritiated pyrimidines.

31 Baker, N. 1969. 15:13. Growth of N. crassa conidia and mycelium on a single medium.

32 Bakerspigel, A. 1962. 1:7. Further observations on the vegetative nuclei of Neurospora crassa.

33 Bakerspigel, A. 1962. 2:16. Further observations on the vegetative nuclei of Neurospora crassa.

34 Bakerspigel, A. 1969. 14:5. Migrating and dividing nuclei in somatic cells of Neurospora.

35 Barnett, W.E., C.J. Wust, A.G. DeBusk and D. Frazier 1963. 3:7. Isolation of high molecular weight DNA from Neurospora.

36 Barnett, W.E. and F.J. de Serres 1962. 1:4. Modification of EMS-induced reversion frequencies in Neurospora with enriched media.

37 Barratt, R.W. 1962. 2:24. Origin of important wild type stocks of N. crassa

38 Barratt, R.W. 1964. 6:6. Viability of microconidia.

39 Barratt, R.W. 1966. 10:15. Growth of Neurospora.

40 Barratt, R.W. 1966. 10:33. Neurospora as a laboratory contaminant.

41 Barratt, R.W. 1967. 12:11. Further notes on nomenclature: extrachromosomal mutants.

42 Barratt, R.W. 1969. 14:13. Further notes on nomenclature: suppressors.

43 Barratt, R.W. and W.N. Ogata 1964. 6:7. Effect of nitrogen source and pH on the growth of a glutamine requiring strain (glm).

44 Barratt, R.W. and W.N. Ogata 1967. 12:12. A method for scoring [mi-1] and [mi-1]f in growth tubes.

45 Barratt, R.W. and W.N. Ogata 1969. 15:12. Growth conditions for [abn-1] and [abn-2] in liquid media.

46 Barratt, R.W. and D.D. Perkins 1965. 8:23. Neurospora genetic nomenclature.

47 Barratt, R.W. and A. Radford 1969. 14:27. Genetic markers, linkage groups, and enzymes in Neurospora crassa.

48 Barratt, R.W. and A. Radford 1970. 16:19. Genetic markers, linkage groups and enzymes in Neurospora crassa - Supplement 1.

49 Barratt, R.W. and P. St. Lawrence 1969. 15:15. Antimetabolite inhibition of mod-5.

50 Barry, E.G. 1966. 10:12. Cytological techniques for meiotic chromosomes in Neurospora.

51 Barry, E.G., D. Newmeyer, D.D. Perkins and B.C. Turner 1972. 19:17. Genetically determined round ascospores in N. crassa

52 Basl, M. and A.M. Srb 1978. 25:13. Procedure for preparing induvidual asci of Neurospora for electron microscopy.

53 Bates, W.K. 1969. 14:11. Glycerol as carbon source for induction studies in Neurospora.

54 Bates, W.K., R.S. Beck and B.M. Eberhart 1967. 12:16. Extraction of mycelial protein: some specific comparisons.

55 Bates, W.K. and D.O. Woodward 1967. 12:11. Origin of the "accelerated growth on lactose" ("AGL") trait.

56 Baylis, J.R. 1977. 24:10. Failure to induce mutations in Neurospora with amino acid analogs.

57 Baylis, J.R. and A.G. DeBusk 1965. 7:7. Notes on the use of microconidiating strains in mutation experiments.

58 Baylis, J.R. and A.G. DeBusk 1965. 7:8. Actidione resistance: a forward mutation technique and its application for mosaic analysis.

59 Baylis, J.R. and A.G. DeBusk 1967. 11:9. Estimation of the frequency of multinucleate conidia in microconidiating strains.

60 Beadle, G.W. 1973. 20:13. Comments on Bernard O. Dodge.

61 Beever, R.E. 1973. 20:15. Pyruvate carboxylase and N. crassa suc mutants.

62 Belcour, L. 1976. 23:26. Loss of a cytoplasmic determinant through formation of protoplasts in Podospora.

63 Belcour, L., O. Begel, F. Duchiron and P. Lecomte 1978. 25:26. Four mitochondrial loci in Podospora anserina.

64 Belozerskaya, T.A., S.S. Burikhanov, E.K. Chernyshova, M.S. Kritsky and N.P. Lvov 1982. 29:14. Does nitrate reductase play a key role in photoinduction of carotenoid synthesis in Neurospora crassa?

65 Berliner, M.D. and P.W. Neurath 1965. 7:9. Use of lexan petri-type long dishes instead of growth tubes for "clock" mutants.

66 Bertrand, H. and T.H. Pittenger 1969. 14:6. Cytochrome spectra of three cytoplasmic mutants.

67 Bertrand, H. and T.H. Pittenger 1969. 14:20. An improved method for the determination of mitochondrial cytochromes.

68 Beske, J.L. and R.L. Phillips 1968. 13:19. Preliminary mapping of nineteen new translocations with the alcoy multiple translocation tester strain.

69 Bhagwat, A.S. 1977. 24:5. Protein synthesis during growth in Neurospora crassa.

70 Bhagwat, A.S. and P.V. Sane 1975. 22:3. Stimulation of macromolecular synthesis by ascorbate in Neurospora.

71 Bhattacharya, L. and J.F. Feldman, J. 1971. 18:11. A rapid screening procedure for female-sterile mutants.

72 Bistis, G.N. 1983. 30:14. Synchronous induction and development of ascogonia.

73 Blakely, R.M. and A.M. Srb 1962. 2:5. Studies of the genetics and physiology of a nitrate non-utilizing strain of Neurospora

74 Boone, D.M. and D.R. Stadler 1970. 16:12. Reciprocal and non-reciprocal recombination between closely linked markers.

75 Borck, K.S. and H.D. Braymer 1973. 20:16. Effect of Benomyl on growth of Neurospora.

76 Bowman, C. and R.F. Jones 1966. 9:17. Growth studies on Neurospora crassa.

77 Bradford, S.W. and B.I. Gibgot 1963. 4:17. Rapid production of Neurospora hyphae.

78 Brandt, E.E. and A.G. DeBusk 1964. 6:17. Isolation of DNA from Neurospora.

79 Brescia, V.T. 1968. 13:16. Tyrosine transport in Neurospora.

80 Brockman, H.E. 1962. 2:16. Viability of Neurospora crassa ascospores after heat activation.

81 Brockman, H.E. and F.J. de Serres 1962. 1:8. Viability of Neurospora conidia from stock cultures on silica gel.

82 Brody, S. 1966. 9:15. Assay of steady-state level of glucose-6-phosphate.

83 Brody, S. 1966. 9:16. Use of temperature-sensitive mutant strains for isolation of additional mutants at a given site.

84 Brown, I.R. and O.J. Gillie 1963. 4:19. A convenient design of growth tube.

85 Burk, A.G. and A.M. Srb 1978. 25:13. Perithecial submersion: a method for detecting the effect of compounds on ascus development.

86 Burk, R.R. 1964. 6:11. A new allele at the spray locus.

87 Burk, R.R. 1964. 6:27. The location of i, enhancer of am.

88 Burnes, P.A., J.H. Kinnaird and J.R.S. Fincham 1984. 31:20. Neurospora crassa suppressors act on amber.

89 Callaway, J.C. and D.L. Mattern 1984. 31:32. Conidial harvest from solid media using fiberglass screening.

90 Cameron, H.R. 1967. 11:6. Location of round spore (R), a dominant ascospore marker.

91 Carsiotis, M. and A.M. Lacy 1962. 1:4. Tryptophan synthetase levels in hist-1 mutants.

92 Carsiotis, M., A.M. Lacy and D.B. Fankhauser 1965. 8:3. Increased activity of the first two enzymes of tryptophan synthesis.

93 Carsiotis, M. and A. Meyers 1965. 8:3. Decreased activity of all tryptophan biosynthetic enzymes due to zinc deficiency.

94 Case, M.E. 1963. 3:7. Procedure for filtration-concentration experiments.

95 Case, M.E., H.E. Brockman and F.J. de Serres 1965. 8:25. Further information on the origin of the Yale and Oak Ridge wild-type strains of Neurospora crassa.

96 Case, M.E. and N.H. Giles 1962. 2:6. The problem of mitotic recombination in Neurospora.

97 Case, M.E., N.H. Giles and G.R. Fink 1967. 11:5. A method for obtaining double mutants within single genes or gene clusters.

98 Cassaday, W.E. and R.P. Wagner 1969. 14:24. An assay method for kynurenine-3-hydroxylase: enzyme marker for the outer membrane of mitochondria.

99 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1965. 8:11. The extraction, partial purification and assay of anthranilic synthetase from Neurospora crassa.

100 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1966. 10:10. The effect of rec-3 on regulation of the NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase of Neurospora.

101 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1969. 15:3. A new carotenoid mutant of Neurospora.

102 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1973. 20:43. New linkage data for group V markers in N. crassa

103 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1974. 21:24. Gene order in linkage group V of N. crassa

104 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1976. 23:23. Map location of rec-1 in N. crassa

105 Catcheside, D.E.A. 1978. 25:17. A pleiotropic mutation in Neurospora conferring sensitivity to analogues of amino acids, purines and pyrimidines.

106 Catcheside, D.E.A. and D.G. Catcheside 1979. 26:24. Survival of Neurospora conidia on silica gel.

107 Catcheside, D.G. 1963. 6:17. Brief comments on heterocaryosis and crossing methods.

108 Catcheside, D.G. 1973. 20:6. Neurospora crassa and genetics.

109 Chalmers, J.H. 1974. 21:20. Toxicity of antibiotics and other drugs to Neurospora.

110 Chalmers, J.H. and P. St. Lawrence 1979. 26:8. A Neurospora mutant sensitive to chloramphenicol.

111 Chambers, C., R.J. Crouch and S.K. Dutta 1984. 31:20. Cloning of the rDNA repeat unit: an EcoRI fragment spanning the entire nontranscribed spacer region of Neurospora crassa wild type strain 74A.

112 Chambers, C. and S.K. Dutta 1983. 30:5. Heterothallic species of Neurospora are distinguishable by restriction analysis of their nuclear rDNA sequences.

113 Chambers, J.A.A. 1980. 27:17. The i phenotype of Neurospora crassa.

114 Chan, E., E.V. Martin and S.D. Wainwright 1966. 9:8. On the isolation of DNA from N. crassa mycelium.

115 Chan, P.Y. and E.A. Cossins 1981. 28:6. Folylpolyglutamate synthesis in a methionine auxotroph of Neurospora crassa.

116 Chan, W.L. and C.C. Ho 1973. 20:17. Electrophoretic variants of L-amino acid oxidase in geographically separated populations of Neurospora.

117 Charlang, G.W. 1979. 26:20. An improved glycerol minimal medium.

118 Charlang, G.W. and N.H. Horowitz 1973. 20:18. Tyrocidine inhibition: effects of Tween 80 and conidial density.

119 Charlang, G.W. and B. Ng 1982. 29:15. Ornithine synthesis by an ornithine-deficient triple mutant.

120 Charlang, G.W. and N.P. Williams 1983. 30:6. Siderophore transport mutants (sit) in Neurospora crassa.

121 Chattopadhyay, S.K. and S.K. Dutta 1969. 15:11. A method for isolation of pure DNA and RNA simultaneously.,/a>

122 Cheng, P.T. and J.E. Willis 1966. 10:11. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity of Neurospora grown on media containing malonate and citrate.

123 Christensen, R.L. and J.C. Schmit 1979. 26:13. "In situ" changes in enzyme activity during Neurospora conidial germination.

124 Christensen, R.L., D. Wolens and J.C. Schmit 1980. 27:28. Improved techniques for assaying protein concentration in germinating Neurospora conidia.

125 Clements, A. and G.A. Marzluf 1985. 32:6. Strain-dependent differences in transformation frequency.

126 Collins, R.A., D.M. Grant and A.M. Lambowitz 1982. 29:29. The physical and genetic map of mtDNA from Neurospora crassa strain 74-OR23-1A.

127 Colvin, H.J. and K.D. Munkres 1973. 20:31. Procedure for measurement of logarithmic growth.

128 Cooke, F. 1964. 6:11. Germination of certain genotypes in response to furfural.

129 Cooke, F. 1966. 10:35. Fungal genetics course based on Coniochaeta.

130 Cooke, F. 1967. 11:18. Ascospore color mutants and low germination in Neurospora.

131 Cossins, E.A. and P.Y. Chan 1976. 23:15. Glycine stimulates polyglutamyl folate synthesis in N. crassa

132 Courtright, J.B. 1972. 19:16. Inhibition of Neurospora protein synthesis by erythromycin.

133 Courtright, J.B. 1975. 22:5. Growth of ropy mutants on glycerol and acetate.

134 Cramer, C.L., J.L. Ristow and R.H. Davis 1982. 29:22. New instrument for rapid cell breakage.

135 Creaser, E.H. and R.B. Drysdale 1963. 3:3. Histidinol dehydrogenase from Neurospora crassa.

136 Creighton, M.O. and J.R. Trevithick 1973. 20:32. Method for freezing slime.

137 Cruz, A.K. and H.F. Terenzi 1981. 28:8. Derepression of tyrosinase by sexual stimulation.

138 Curtis, C.F. 1962. 2:7. Studies on the 'dispensability' of recessive lethals.

139 Davis, R.H. 1963. 4:5. Lethality of Neurospora arginine mutants associated with a factor from wild type.

140 Davis, R.H. 1965. 8:12. Growth, extraction and assay methods for the enzymes ornithine transcarbamylase, aspartate transcarbamylase and carbamyl phosphokinase from Neurospora.

141 Davis, R.H. 1969. 15:3. A note on arginase-less mutants.

142 Davis, R.H. 1984. 31:21. Transformation and reversion: pitfalls imposed by heterokaryosis.

143 Davis, R.H. and F.M. Harold 1962. 2:18. The use of shake cultures of Neurospora for growth experiments.

144 DeBusk, B.G. and A.G. DeBusk 1967. 11:3. The free amino acid pool of Neurospora.

145 DeBusk, B.G. and A.G. DeBusk 1964. 6:12. A phenylalanine permease system in Neurospora crassa.

146 DeBusk, B.G. and A.G. DeBusk 1965. 7:3. Response to fluorophenylalanine by sensitive and resistant strains of Neurospora crassa.

147 DeBusk, B.G., J. Mallon and A.G. DeBusk 1965. 8:3. Radiation inactivation analysis of amino acid transport systems in Neurospora crassa.

148 DeLange, A.M. and N.C. Mishra 1981. 28:10. Unstable dTMP auxotrophs in Neurospora crassa.

149 Del Vecchio, V.G. and G. Turian 1967. 11:16. Further studies on the metabolic control of conidiation of N. crassa

150 de Serres, F.J. 1962. 1:9. A procedure for making heterokaryon tests in liquid minimal medium.

151 de Serres, F.J. 1962. 1:10. A simple device for rapid preparation of conidial suspensions of Neurospora.

152 de Serres, F.J. and N.J. Berheim 1980. 27:18. UV-induced inactivation and mutation-induction in a new two-component heterokaryon (59) homozygous for the excision-repair deficient mutant uvs-2.

153 de Serres, F.J. and B.B. Webber 1963. 3:3. Recessive lethal mutations resulting from deletion of closely linked loci in balanced heterokaryons of Neurospora crassa.

154 DeSha, C.M. and R. Fuerst 1972. 19:19. A technique for the quantitative determination of perithecium formation.

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163 Dutta, S.K., I. Gbadamosi, C. Chambers and D.K. Mukhopadhyay 1980. 27:18. Comparison of nuclear DNA with whole cell DNA isolated from Neurospora crassa.

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165 Dutta, S.K. and N. Richman 1966. 10:26. The isolation of DNA from Neurospora crassa.

166 Dutta, S.K. and R.E. Schwartz. 1973. 20:19. Repeated DNA sequences in different Neurospora species.

167 Dutta, S.K. and V.W. Woodward 1964. 6:13. The alteration of a complementation pattern among pyr-3 mutants of Neurospora.

168 Eberhart, B.M. 1980. 27:19. A Neurospora mutant resistant to 2 deoxy-D-glucose.

169 Eberhart, B.M. and B.S. Madden 1973. 20:19. A new ß-glucosidase.

170 Eilers, F.I. and G. Fischer 1965. 8:15. An efficient grinder for ascospores and mycelium.

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174 Esser, K. 1969. 15:27. An introduction to Podospora anserina.

175 Eveleigh, D.E. and J.J. Child 1969. 14:23. Use of non-ionic substrates for the determination of cellulase (Cx).

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177 Fass, D.N. 1969. 14:21. Isolation of gamma-amylase (glucamylase) from the culture filtrate of N. crassa

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