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Protocols Medium

             More media recipes supplements and feeding of Aspergillus Miniprep Scale DNA Prep from spores for PCR RNA Prep Prep with TriZOL Gel Transformation with PyrG89 with Vinoflow PCR PCR
             Spore PCR with pfu



Other protocols are available on the general methods page and on the Neurospora protocol page




Asperfest 14, Asilomar 2017


The 2017 AGRPG



Asperfest 13

The 2016 AGRPG


2016 Novozyme prize winners and judges



Asperfest 12


2015 Novozymes Poster Prize Winners


For student poster prizes those pictured L to R are:  Amanda Fischer (Judge, Novozymes), Stephen Dolan (Maynooth University), Damien Downes (Kansas State University), Tiffany Norton (University of South Alabama), Franziska Wanka (Technical University of Berlin), Fang Yun Lim (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Elixabet Oiartzabal (University of the Basque Country), and Paul Dyer (Judge, University of Nottingham). Other judges, not pictured: Jennifer Wortman (Broad) and Clay Wang (Univ of S. California).


2015 AGRPC


Michelle Momany, Chair, 2015-2017, University of Georgia, USA;

Isabelle Benoit, 2015-2017, CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Ctr, Netherlands,

Nancy Keller, 2015-2017, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA,

Nick Read, 2015-2017, University of Manchester, UK,

Paul Dyer, 2013-2015, University of Nottingham,

Mikael R. Andersen, 2013-2015, Technical University of Denmark (DTU),

Antonis Rokas, 2013-2015, Vanderbilt University,

Robert Cramer, 2013-2015, Dartmouth,

Gerhard Braus, 2014-2016, Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany;

Elaine Bignell, 2014-2016, University of Manchester, UK;

Vera Meyer, 2014-2016, Berlin University of Technology, Germany;   

David Cánovas, 2014-2016, University of Seville, Spain; 

Kevin McCluskey (Ex officio), Curator, Fungal Genetics Stock Center;




Asperfest12 is March 16-17, 2015, just before the Fungal Genetics Conference at Asilomar.

Asperfest12 Program book with abstracts

The searchable Aspergillus bibliographies

Asperfest11 Program book with abstracts

Asperfest 11, March 22-23, 2014 (Saturday evening - Sunday) was held in Seville just before ECFG12.
The 2014 Pontecorvo Lecture was given by Jean-Paul Latge.


2013 AGRPC

Prize winner Farhana Runa

Prize winner Sara Blosser

Prize winner Alexandra Soukup





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