Methods described in the Fungal Genetics Newsletter

Nucleic Acids Extractions
Alternative medium to simplify DNA extraction
Fast DNA extraction from Neurospora
Total nucleic acids from Aspergillus
Small-scale DNA prep from Neurospora
DNA for PCR from Fusarium
Total DNA from filamentous fungi
Quick RNA miniprep from Neurospora(ATA)
RNA miniprep from Neurospora(Phenol,LiCl)
DNA extraction from Coccidioides
Phenol/ChCl3 based DNA extraction from Aspergillus
Isolation of nuclei
Cloning tools and Library manipulations
Walking in the pMOcosX library
Vectors for Hygromycin or Phleomycin
Vectors for expression of cDNA
Improved vectors for Hygromycin selection
Working with the Neurospora Yac library
6 compact vectors for fungal transformation
Lambda IIBargem7B
A hybrid vector supporting large inserts
Magnaporthe transformation using phosphinothricin selection
DNA structure and its effect on transformation
Use of bialophos as a selectable marker
Protoplasting different cell types of Neurospora
Use of lipofectin and its effect on transformation
PCR from spores
Quick PCR from Coprinus
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