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Michael Freitag, Oregon State University
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Martin L. Pall, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
Claude Selitrennikoff, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver,
Eric U. Selker, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
Gillian Turgeon, Cornell University
Richard Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles, California
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Regular Articles

Sue Conway, Fred Bowring, Jane Yeadon and David Catcheside
Neurospora msh4 ortholog confirmed by split-marker deletion
Pages 5-8
A pdf copy of this paper

Ulrich Kück and Birgit Hoff
Application of the nourseothricin acetyltransferase gene (nat1) as dominant marker for the transformation of filamentous fungi
Pages 9-11
A pdf copy of this paper

Alan Radford
Glycosyl Hydrolase Genes and Enzymes of Neurospora crassa
Pages 12-14
A pdf copy of this paper

Patrick K.T. Shiu and N. Louise Glass
Sequences important for heterokaryon incompatibility function in MAT A-1 of Neurospora crassa
Pages 15-19
A pdf copy of this paper

Kevin McCluskey, Rachel L. Yedlin and Sheera A. Walker
High throughput mating tests in Neurospora crassa
Pages 20-22
A pdf copy of this paper

Sijmen E. Schoustra, Marijke Slakhorst, Rolf F. Hoekstra and Alfons J.M. Debets
Non-circadian light inducible rhythm in Aspergillus nidulans
Pages 23-25
A pdf copy of this paper

Michelle Dequard-Chablat and Philippe Silar
Podospora anserina AS6 gene encodes the cytosolic ribosomal protein of the E. coli S12 family
Pages 26-29
A pdf copy of this paper

A. Kaitlyn Beasley, Teresa M. Lamb, Wayne K. Versaw and Deborah Bell-Pedersen
A ras-1bd Mauriceville strain for mapping mutations in Oak Ridge ras-1bd strains
Pages 30-33
A pdf copy of this paper

Bodil Aase, Ingunn W. Jolma and Peter Ruoff
Influence of Lithium ions on conidiophore size in Neurospora crassa
Pages 34-36
A pdf copy of this paper

Brief Notes

Robert L. Metzenberg
A simple way to make a dilution series
Page 37
A pdf copy of this paper

Kevin McCluskey, Aric Wiest and Sheera Walker
The effect of repeated freeze-thaw cycles on cryopreserved Neurospora crassa samples.
Page 37
A pdf copy of this paper


Supplementary Materials

Aspergillus Bibliography
Compiled by A.J. Clutterbuck

Neurospora Bibliography
Compiled by C.H. Wilson

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McCluskey, K. and M. Plamann


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