The 52nd issue of the Fungal Genetics Newsletter is complete.

The print edition was mailed December 21-22, 2005.

ISSN for the online version : 1556-1275

Regular Articles

Nakanishi, Y.,  C. Ishii and H. Inoue
An effect of homology length on gene disruption in Neurospora crassa
Pages 5-6
A pdf copy of this paper

Perkins, D. D.
Why "Red bread mold" is an inappropriate name for Neurospora
Pages 7-8
A pdf copy of this paper

McCluskey, K.
Using Neurospora to demonstrate the unidirectional nature of fungal mating.
Pages 9-10
A pdf copy of this paper

Metzenberg, R.L.
Construction of minimally-sheltered knockouts mutants of Neurospora crassa
Pages 11-13
A pdf copy of this paper

Freitag, M., and E.U. Selker
Expression and Visualization of Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) in Neurospora crassa
Pages 14-17
A pdf copy of this paper

Kilaru, S., and U. KŁes
Comparison of gpd genes and their protein products in basidiomycetes
Pages 18-23
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Short Communications

Henderson, S.T.,  G. A. Eariss and D. E. A. Catcheside
Reliable PCR amplification from Neurospora crassa genomic DNA obtained from conidia
Page 24
A pdf copy of this paper

Supplementary materials

Aspergillus Bibliography
Compiled by A.J. Clutterbuck

Neurospora Bibliography
Compiled by C.H. Wilson


Supplement to Neurospora bibliographies: Chrysonilia citations
Compiled by C.H. Wilson

Abstracts from the 23rd Fungal Genetics Conference at Asilomar


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