Linkage Group VII

ace-8 Between thi-3 (1%), T(T54M50) and qa cluster (2 or 3%).
acu-9 Linked to nic-3 (29%) .
acu-11 Linked to arg-10 (21%).
adh Linked to do (0/53), spco-4 (4%). Between cyt-7 (9%) and nic-3 (4%; 11%).
aga Between wc-1 (2%) and arg-10 (24%; 27%).
aln-l Linked in VII.
arg-10 Between T(5946), arg-11 (1 or 2%) and nt (1%; 12%).
arg-11 Between T(5946) and arg-10 (1 or 2%).
ars-1 Between thi-3 (2%; 5%) and qa, Cen-VII, met-7 (1%).
asd-2 Linked to nic-3 (15%), ars-1 (36%) .
bn Linked to met-7 (0/93), wc-1 (1%). Right of T(T54M50), thi-3 (2%).
cat-2 Linked to for, frq (8 to 10 T, 0NPD/18 asci), cox-8 (4 to 6 T, 1 NPD/18 asci).
ccg-9 Linked to nic-3 (2T/18 asci).
cdr-2 Between nic-3 and met-7.
Cen-VII Between ars-1, qa cluster and met-7 (1%).
cfp Between for (1 or 2T/18 asci) and T(5936). Near ras-3, un-10.
col-2 Linked to met-7 (1%), probably to the left. Right of T(T54M50).
col-17 Linked to nt (14%), spco-5 (6%).
cox-8 Linked to un-10 (3/17), lacc (4/18).
cpc-2 Linked to arg-10 (18%). Right of T(5936).
csp-2 Linked to thi-3 (<1%), probably to the right. Left of T(T54M50), ace-8.
cya-8 Between Tip-VIIL and T(ALS179) (5%), cyt-7 (7%).
cyt-6 Linked to wc-1 (2%).
cyt-7 Between T(ALS179) and adh (9%), nic-3 (18%).
dim-2 Between wc-1 and un-10, arg-10.
do Linked to spco-4 (<1%). Left of nic-3 (1%; 3%).
dr Between for (3%) and T(T5936), arg-10 (12%).
for Between wc-1 (6%) and frq (2%), oli (5 or 6%), dr (3%).
frq Between wc-1, for (3%), and oli (<2%), un-10.
gul-4 Linked to nic-3 (17%).
het-e Between cya-8, T(ALS179) and nic-3 (28%).
het-10 Between dr, T(5936) and Tip-VIIR.
hH1 Linked to ccg-9, pho-4.
hH2A Linked to Cen-VII (1T/18 asci).
hH2B Linked to Cen-VII. Adjoins hH2A.
hlp-1 Between sfo (1%; 9%) and nt (28%; 37%).
hlp-2 Between hlp-1 (8%; 25%) and nt (29%).
ile-1 Between ars (1%) and wc-1 (3%).
kyn-1 Linked to nic-3 (30%), wc-1 (20%).
lacc Between nic-3 (14%) and thi-3 (7%).
le-2 Linked to met-7 (7%).
mak-2 By cosmid assignment to chromosomal DNA. Tentative.
mb-1 Linked to nic-3, wc-1 (23%).
mel-1 Left of thi-3 (27%).
met-7 Between Cen-VII (<1%) and met-9 (10-4), wc-1.
met-9 Between met-7 (10-4) and wc-1 (1 or 2%).
mgk-1 By cosmid assignment to chromosomal DNA. Tentative.
mo-2 Linked to for (16%), nt (29%).
msh-2 Linked to for, frq (0T/18 asci). Right of Cen-VII (1T/18 asci).
mus-10 Right of met-7 (7%).
mus-25 Between met-7 (4%; 6%) and un-10 (8%).
mus-33 Between met-7 (10%) and un-10 (8%).
mus-35 Right of nic-3 (<9%).
nic-3 Between do (3%), spco-4 (1%) and lacc (14%), thi-3 (9%; 27%), csp-2 (16%; 22%).
nop-1 Linked to nic-3 (3T/18 asci), ars-1 (2T/18 asci).
nt Between arg-10 (2%; 12%) and sk (7%; 18%).
oli Between for, frq (<2%) and un-10.
pen-1 Linked to csp-2 (4%).
pep-4 Linked to for, frq (0T/18 asci).
pfa-1 Linked to csp-2 (35%).
pfa-4 Linked to csp-2 (33%).
pho-4 Linked to nic-3 (2%; 6%; 1 or 2 T/18 asci).
poi-2 Between cat-2 (0 or 1T/18 asci) and cox-8 (1T/18 asci).
qa cluster Between ars-1, tRNALEU and Cen-VII, met-7 (1%).
ras-3 Adjacent to thi1-6 (300bp). Near un-10.
rol-2 Linked to met-7 (<1%), wc-1 (3%).
sdv-13, -14 Linked to ars-1, Cen-VII (0/18).
sfo Between thi-3 (6%) and hlp-1 (1%; 9%). Linked to Cen-VII (<1%).
sk Between nt (7%; 17%) and Tip-VIIR.
slo-2 Left of met-7 (2%).
sor-2 Linked to nt (31%).
spco-4 Linked to do (<1%), nic-3 (1%).
spco-5 Linked to col-17 (6%), nt (20%).
spco-6 Right of thi-3 (4%). Linked to spco-5 (8%), nt (20%).
ssu-1 Between met-7 (14%) and su(trp-3td201)-l (10%), nt (23%).
ssu-4 Between nic-3 (28%) and met-7 (20%).
su([mi-1])-5 Left of nic-3 (23%).
su(trp-3td201)-1 Between met-7 (18%), ssu-1 (10%; 13%) and arg-10 (7%).
su(trp-3td201)-2 Linked to su(trp-3td201)-1, probably to the left.
T(T54M50) Between thi-3, csp-2 and ace-8.
T(Z88) Between dr and arg-10.
T(ALS179) Between cya-8 and cyt-7.
T(5936) Between dr and arg-10.
Tel-VIIL Linked to nic-3, pho-4 (10T, 1NPD/18 asci).
thi-3 Linked to csp-2 (<1%). Between nic-3 (9%; 28%), lacc (7%) and T(T54M50, ace-8 (1%).
thi-6 Adjacent to ras-3 (300 bp). Near un-10.
Tip-VIIL Left of cya-8.
Tip-VIIR Right of sk.
tnr Between nic-3 (3T/18 asci) and ars-1 (2T/18 asci), Cen-VII (3T/18 asci).
tns Between T(5936) and arg-10.
tRNALEU Between ars-1 and qa-1 cluster.
ud-1 Between met-7 (27%) and arg-10 (10%).
un-10 Between for, frq, oli and arg-10.
un-22 Linked to met-7 (1%).
wc-1 Between met-9 (1%; 4%) and for (6%).

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