pg 2


B.L. Cohen and A.J. Clutterbuck
Guido Pontecorvo 1907-1999
pg 5

Special Papers

Dolan, P.L., Natvig, D.O., and Nelson, M.
Neurospora proteome 2000
pg 7-24 (pdf)

Nelson, M., and Perkins, D.D.
Restriction polymorphism maps of Neurospora crassa: 2000 update
pg 25-39 (pdf)

Perkins, D.D.
Neurospora crassa genetic maps and mapped loci
pg 40-58 (pdf)

Regular Papers

Adhvaryu, K.K., and Maheshwari, R.
Use of microconidia for testing the genetic purity of Neurospora stocks
pg 59-60 (pdf)

Harispe, L., Tucci, P., Portela, C., and Gorfinkiel, L.
An alternative strategy for cloning minor permeases in Aspergillus nidulans
pg 61 (pdf)

Jung, M.K., Ovechkina, Y., Prigozhina, N., Oakley, C.E. and Oakley, B.R.
The use of beta-D-glucanase as a substitute for Novozyme 234 in immunofluorescence and protoplasting
pg 65-66 (pdf)

Kaminskyj, S. G. W.
Proving the identity of a complementing gene in Aspergillus nidulans by tandem integration and loop-out repair
pg 67-68 (pdf)

Lamb, B.C., Kozlakidis, Z., and Saleem, M.
Inter-strain cross-fertility tests on cultures from Israel and America in the homothallic fungus, Sordaria fimicola
pg 69-71 (pdf)

Maccheroni, W. Jr., May, G.S., Martinez-Rossi, N.M., and Rossi, A.
The levels of mRNA expressed by gene palF of A. nidulans do not appear to be pH regulated
pg 72-73 (pdf)

McCluskey, K.
A relational database for the FGSC
pg 74-78 (pdf)

Metzenberg, R.L., Jacobson, D.J.,and Bertrand, H.
Making the selective agent for the Bar plasmids, phoshoinothricin (glufosinate) affordable for routine use
pg 79-80 (pdf)

Pandit, A., Dubey, P.S.,and Mall, S.
Sexual reproduction of yellow ecotype of Neurospora intermedia in nature
pg 81-82 (pdf)

Perkins, D.D.
Neurospora Genetics at Turn of the Century
pg 83-88 (pdf)

Pitchaimani, K., and Maheshwari, R.
Phenotypic lag in macroconidia of N. crassa his-3+ transsformants and its implication in estimation of nuclear ratios
pg 89-91 (pdf)

Pitchaimani, K., Sultan, S., and Maheshwari, R.
Increase in germination and plating efficiency of Neurospora crassa microconidia by amino acid supplementation
pg 92-93 (pdf)

Smiley, J.A., and Asch, D.K.
Identification of a gene encoding GMP synthetase from a Neurospora crassa cDNA library by bacterial complementation
pg 94-95 (pdf)

Tanrikulu, M.
Characterization of un-17, chol-3 and chol-4, phospholipid biosynthetic mutants of Neurospora crassa
pg 96-98 (pdf)

van Diepeningen, A.D., Debets, A.J.M., Slakhors, S.M., Fekete, C., Hornok, L., and Hoekstra, R.F.
Interspecies virus transfer via protoplast fusions between Fusarium poae and black Aspergillus strains
pg 99-100 (pdf)

Zhong, S., and Steffenson, B.J
A simple and sensitive silver-staining method for detecting AFLP markers in fungi
pg 101-102 (pdf)

Brief Notes

Aleksenko, A. Arst, H.N. Jr., and Clutterbuck, A.J.
Aspergillus nidulans pyrE and pyrF
pg 103 (pdf)

Nozawa, S.R., Thedei, G. Jr., Pellizzon, C.H., Rossi, A.
The pregc strain of N. crassa has abnormal vesicles when grown on both low- and high-Pi media
pg 104-105 (pdf)

Cockram, J.A., and Sealy-Lewis, H.M.
A simple modification of the A. nidulans transformation protocol increases the transformation frequency
pg 106 (pdf)

Hays, S. and Selker, E. U.
Making the selectable marker bar tighter and more economical
pg 107 (pdf)

Metzenberg, R.L., and Orbach, M.J.
A minichromosome of LGVI from crossing two quasi-terminal reciprocal translocations
pg 108 (pdf)

McCluskey, K.
Long term viability of Neurospora crassa at the FGSC
pg 110 (pdf)

Schmidhauser, T.J.
Order of the aro-6 and cpl-1 loci on linkage group VI of Neurospora
pg 111 (pdf)


Margolin, B.S., Freitag, M. and Selker, E.U.
Improved plasmids for gene targeting at the his-3 locus of Neurospora crassa by electroporation:correction
pg 112 (pdf)

Aspergillus Bibliography pg 113

Neurospora Bibliography pg 127

pg 160

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