Linkage Group VI


acu-6 Left of cys-1 (3%).
ad-1 Between ylo-1 (6%) and Cen-VI (1 or 2%), glp-4 (0; 2%).
ad-8 Between ser-6 (15%) and cpl-1 (7%; 11%), aro-6 12%).
age-2 Right of ws-l (8%).
aro-6 Between ad-8 (8%; 12%), cpl-1 (5%) and lys-5 (3%).
asd-1 Between nuo19.3 (5T/18 asci) and cmt (2 or 3 T/18 asci), Bml (5 or 6T/18asci).
asd-3 Adjoins asd-1.
Bml Between cys-2 (2%), cpc-1 and ad-1, Cen-VI.
cax Linked to Tel-VIL (3T/18asci).
Cen-VI Between ad-1 (1 or 2%) and T(AR209), rib-1 (1%; 4%), pan-2 (2%).
chol-2 Between Tip-VIL and nit-6 (6%; 8%).
chr Between chol-2 (10%) and pan-2.
cmt Between asd-1 (2T/18 asci) and Bml, Cen-VI 1/18; 1T/18 asci).
col-18 Between un-23 (3/28) and T(OY320).
con-3 Linked to Bml (0/18).
con-11 Right of Cen-VI (6T/17 asci). Linked to trp-2 (0/18).
cpc-1 Between ylo-1 (1%; 3%; 143 kb), un-13 (105kb) and Cen-VI.
cpl-1 Between ad-8 (7%; 11%) and aro-6 (5%), lys-5 (6%), un-25 (2%; 4%).
cya-3 Between chol-2 (10%) and cyt-2 (10%).
cys-1 Between cys-2 (1%; 3%) and ylo-1 (8%).
cys-2 Between un-4 (4%), T(T39M777), T(Y18329) and cys-1 (1%; 3%).
cyt-2 Between cya-3 (10%) and lys-5 (6%).
cyt-15 Between pan-2 (4%) and, trp-2 (3%).
del Between pan-2 (6%) and os-9, T(OY329), trp-2 (0; 13%).
edr-1 Linked to ad-1, pan-2 (<1%).
edr-2 Left of ad-1 (19%).
fpr-6 Between pan-2 and trp-2.
Fsr-50 Linked to Bml (0/18), Cen-VI , pan-2 (0T/18 asci).
gdh-1 Linked to tom22 (0T/16 asci).
glp-4 Between ad-l (0; 2%) and rib-l (3%; 4%).
gul-5 Linked to trp-2 (10%).
het-8 Between ser-6 (8%) and ad-8 (3%; 12%).
het-9 Between T(AR209) and T(OY329)L, hence, between Cen-VI and trp-2.
hspp-1 Linked to Bml, Cen-VI, pan-2 (0T/18 asci).
lgd Linked to chol-2 (7/32). Between Tip-VIL and T(OY350).
lis-2 Between chol-2 (11%) and trp-2 (26%).
lys-5 Between cyt-2 (6%), aro-6 (3%) and un-4 (2%) .
mod-5 Linked to Cen-VI (3% 2nd division), trp-2.
moe-2 Linked to trp-2 (l4%), probably to the left.
mus-14 Linked to lys-5.
mus-29 Between chol-2 (14%) and lys-5 (15%).
mus-39 Right of ylo-1 (3%; 8%). Linked to mus-29 (10%).
nit-6 Between chol-2 (6%), T(OY350) and ser-6 (11%).
nuh-10 Linked to trp-2.
nuo19.3 Between gdh-1 (9T/18 asci) and asd-1 (5T/18 asci), Bml (10T/18 asci).
nuo21.3c Linked to Tel-VIR (0 or 1T/18 asci).
nuo30.4 Linked to Bml, Cen-VI, pan-2 (0T/18 asci).
os-9 Between ad-1, del and trp-2.
pan-2 Between rib-1 (<1%; 3%) and del (6%), trp-2 (11%).
rib-1 Between Cen-VI (1%), glp-4 (4%), T(AR209) and pan-2 (3%).
ser-6 Between nit-6 (10%) and het-8 (8%), ad-8 (16%).
sor-1 Left of ylo-1 (3%).
spco-7 Linked to ad-1 (0/65). Between ylo-l (4%) and T(AR209).
spco-13 Linked to trp-2 (16%), Cen-VI (1/10 asci).
ssu-7 Between ad-8 (8%) and ylo-1 (14%).
su(mtr26) Linked to pan-2, trp-2. Right of Cen-VI.
su(trp-5) Near aro-6 (Perhaps an allele.).
T(IBj5)L Between cys-1 and ylo-1.
T(IBj5)R cpc-1 At cpc-1.
T(UK-T12) At Tip-VIR.
T(UK14-1) Between un-23 and ws-1.
T(T39M777) Between un-4 and cys-1.
T(NM103) At Tip-VIR.
T(ALS159) At Tip-VIR.
T(AR209) Between Cen-VI and rib-1.
T(OY320) Between un-23 and ws-1.
T(OY329) Between del and trp-2.
T(OY343) At Tip-VIR.
T(OY347) At Tip-VIL.
T(OY350) Between chol-2 and nit-6.
T(Y18329) Between un-4 and cys-1.
Tel-VIL Linked to cax (3T/18 asci).
Tel-VIR Linked to T(UK-T12) (0/13; 0T/9 asci), nuo21.3c (0T/18 asci).
tf2d Left of T(T39M777).
tim17 Linked to RFLP markers.
Tip-VIL Left of chol-2.
Tip-VIR Marked by T(NM103) and others. Right of ws-1, col-18.
tom22 Linked to gdh-1 (0T/16 asci), nuo19.3 (9T/18 asci).
trp-2 Between del (0; 13%), T(OY329) and un-23 (5%; 27%).
un-4 Between lys-5 (2%; in the same plasmid) and T(T39M777, un-13 (3%).
un-13 Between y1o-1 (2%; 38kb) and cpc-1 (1 or 2%; 105kb).
un-23 Between trp-2 (5%; 27%) and col-18 (3/28), T(OY320), T(UK14-1), ws-1.
un-25 Between cpl-1 (4%) and ylo-1 (0/86).
vvd Between T(IBj5)L, y1o-1 and T(IBj5)R cpc-1.
ws-1 Between trp-2 (38%), un-23, T(OY320), T(UK14-1) and Tip-VIR.
ws-2 Linked to ylo-1 (16%), trp-2 (2%).
ylo-1 Between cys-1 (8%), T(IBj5)L and un-13 (2%; 38kb), cpc-1 (1%; 3%; 143kb).

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