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20th Fungal Genetics Conference abstracts (an electronic supplement to FGN 46)

Regular papers

Goodrich-Tanrikulu, M., A. E. Stafford, and D. J. Jacobson
A systematic survey of the fatty acid composition of Neurospora strains
pg 8  (Pdf)

Goodrich-Tanrikulu, M., A. E. Stafford, and T. A. McKeon
Isotope discrimination by the stearoyl desaturase of Neurospora crassa
pp 9-10  (Pdf)

Jekosch, K. and U. Kück
Codon bias in the ß-lactam procucer Acremonium chrysogenum
pp 11-13  (Pdf)

Kouzminova, E. and E. U. Selker
Inversion in the published genetic map of linkage group VII
pp 14-15  (Pdf)

Liu, Y., J. D. Granado, E. Polak and U. Kües
Crosses with Amut Bmut homokaryons of Coprinus cinereus
pp 16-20  (Pdf)

Metzenberg, R. L.
Mutation affecting the houskeeping (low affinity) phosphate permease of Neurospora crassa
pg 21  (Pdf)

Schmidhauser, T. J.
Chromosome walking and gene cloning using a Neurospora crassa Linkage Group VI-specific library.
pg. 22   (Pdf)

Schmidhauser,T.J., Dan Chen and Yihong Wan
Identification of a cosmid clone containing the Neurospora crassa lys-5 and un-4 genes, isolation of a partial lys-5cDNA and associated chromosome walking.
pp 23-24   (Pdf)

Wilson, J.F., Charles P. Calligan, and Jo Ann Dempsey
A heterokaryon instability gene in the Rockefeller-Lindegren strains of Neurospora crassa and its possible relation to the het i gene in Oak Ridge-St. Lawrence strains
pp. 25-30   (Pdf)

Wilson, J.F. and Jo Ann Dempsey
A hyphal fusion mutant in Neurospora crassa
pg 31   (Pdf)

Yatzkan, E. V. Dombradi, and O. Yarden
Detection of a protein phosphatase 2A homoenzyme in Neurospora crassa
pp 32-33   (Pdf)

Brief notes

Pounder, J.I., and B. J. Bowman
Storage of aconidial strains of Neurospora crassa by freezing at -80 C
pg. 33

Nomenclature recommendations

Perkins, D. D.
Neurospora genetic nomenclature
pp 34-41




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