Fungal Genetics Newsletter 41 - 1994

A.Y. ALEKSENKO - "Instant gene bank" method adapted for cloning mutant benomyl-resistance allele in replicative vector in Aspergillus nidulans

pp 15-16
S. BAWA AND D.K. SANDHU - Parasexual analysis in Trichoderma reesei using protoplast fusion

pp 17-19
F.J. BOWRING and D.E.A. CATCHESIDE - Some observations concerning sp and ure-2 in Neurospora

pg 85
J.W. CAMPBELL, C.S. ENDERLIN, and C.P. SELITRENNIKOFF - Vectors for expression and modification of cDNA sequences in Neurospora crassa

pp 20-21
ANNE M. CARROLL, JAMES A. SWEIGARD and BARBARA VALENT - Improved Vectors for Selecting Resistance to Hygromycin

pg 22
M.B. CENTOLA, C.T. YAMASHIRO, L.S. MARTEL, J.C. ROYER and T.J. SCHMIDHAUSER - A Protocol Guide for the N. crassa Yeast Artificial Chromosome Library

pp 23-33
RICHARD CHENG and R.J. RADLOFF - Sequence and analysis of genomic sequences upstream of mei-3

pg 34
L. ELLIS, P. RAMOS, J. KIRK, C. FLOYD and J. BENDER - Computational tools for the study of the genomes of filamentous fungi

pp 35-37
ANGEL M. FUENTES, IAN CONNERTON and STEPHEN J. FREE - Production of tyrosinase defective mutants of Neurospora crassa

pp 38-39
W. MICHAEL GRAY and MATTHEW S. SACHS - Tergitol enables the rapid and inexpensive scoring of nutritional and drug-resistance markers in the progeny of Neurospora crassa genetic crosses

pg 40
A. GUILLEN, B.G. TURGEON, P.R. THORSON, C.R. BRONSON and O.C. YODER - Linkage among melanin biosynthetic mutations in Cochliobolus heterostrophus

pp 41-42
E. KAFER - Meiotic mapping of radiation-induced DNA repair mutations and aberrations in Aspergillus nidulans: special features and use of translocations

pp 43-53
E. KAFER and S.-K. CHAE - Lethality or improved growth as a result of interaction in DNA repair double mutants of Aspergillus

pp 54-59
RAMESH MAHESHWARI, ALKA PANDIT and BHUVANA KANNAN - Senescence in strains of Neurospora from southern India

pg 60
R.L. METZENBERG - Alternate ways to preserve strains with silica gel

pg 61
S.M.G. MOLINA and J.L. AZEVEDO - Phenotypic reversion of Aspergillus nidulans morphological deteriorated variants in the presence of osmotic stabilisers

pg 62
MARTIN L. PALL and JOSEPH P. BRUNELLI - New plasmid and /plasmid hybrid vectors and a Neurospora crassa genomic library containing the bar selectable marker and the Cre/lox site-specific recombination system for use in filamentous fungi

pp 63-65
ALKA PANDIT, BHUVANA KANNAN and RAMESH MAHESHWARI - Presence of nuclei carrying a recessive lethal gene in a wild isolate of Neurospora

pg 66
ALKA PANDIT and RAMESH MAHESHWARI - Sexual reproduction by Neurospora in nature

pp 67-68
D.D. PERKINS - Deviations from 1:1 and numbers of progeny necessary for establishing linkage

pp 69-70
D.D. PERKINS - Neurospora tetrasperma helper strains using the E gene

pg 71
D.D. PERKINS - Neurospora tetrasperma bibliography

pp 72-78
V.C. POLLARD and D.D. PERKINS - Convenient scoring of deoxyglucose resistance in Neurospora

pg 86
KEITH A. SEIFERT - A novel method of growing fungi for DNA extraction

pp 79-80
S.G. SHAWCROSS, B.M. BAKER, P. STRIKE and B.M. FAULKNER - A sodium fluoride sensitive mutant of Aspergillus nidulans

pg 81
B. SZOOR, Z. FEHER, G. SZABO , P. GERGELY and V. DOMBRADI - Detection of Ser/Thr protein phosphatases in Neurospora crassa

pp 82-84
MARTA GOODRICH-TANRIKULU and THOMAS A. MCKEON - Method for replica-plating Neurospora

pg 85
1994 Aspergillus bibliography
Compiled by John Clutterbuck


1994 Neurospora bibliography
Compiled by J.C. Schmit


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