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Papers Submitted for Fungal Genetics Newsletter #35

Aguirre, J. and W. Hansberg - A rapid and easy method for the purification of the Neurospora crassa NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase. pg 5

Brown, S., S.N. Bennett and W.A. Krissinger - A Neurospora crassa osmotic-sensitive mutant showing growth influenced by temperature, light and dark. pg 7

Brownlee, A.G. - A rapid DNA isolation procedure applicable to many refractory filamentous fungi. pg 8

Gurr, S.J. and J.R. Kinghorn - Designation of certain filamentous fungal genes identified by molecular cloning. pg 10

Käfer, E. and D. Luk - Properties and strains of additional DNA repair-defective mutants in known and new genes of Neurospora crassa. pg 11

Käfer, E. and G. May - pyrG of Aspergillus nidulans, meiotic mapping, marker interactions and growth response. pg 13

Kiss, A., M. Schablik, A. Zsindely and G. Szabo - Effect of inositol "analogues" on the production of myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase in Neurospora crassa slime strain. pg 15

Kitani, Y. - Inter- and intra-locus linkage analysis in Sordaria fimicola. pg 16

Klittich, C.J.R. and J.F. Leslie - Multiwell plates for complementation tests of Fusarium. pg 21

Koch, J. and I.B. Barthelmess - mts(MN9), a cpc-1 allele involved in a translocation. pg 22

Lee, S.B., M.G. Milgroom and J.W. Taylor - A rapid, high yield mini-prep method for isolation of total genomic DNA from fungi. pg 23

Liu, Q. and J.C. Dunlap - A rapid and efficient approach for Neurospora crassa transformation using low melting point agarose purified DNA. pg 24

Mattern, I.E., P.J. Punt and C.A.M.J.J. Van den Hondel - A vector for Aspergillus transformation conferring phleomycin resistance. pg 25

McClung, C.R. and J.C. Dunlap - A modified dot-blot hybridization technique for filamentous fungi. pg 26

Metzenberg, R.L. - An alternate way of collecting, storing, and dissecting Neurospora asci. pg 28

Perkins, D.D. - Comments on Metzenberg's procedure for isolating unordered Neurospora asci. pg 29

Metzenberg, R.L. and J. Grotelueschen - Restriction polymorphism maps of Neurospora crassa: updates. pg 30

Mohammed, T. and A. Radford - The identification and visualization of cellulase activities from Neurospora crassa. pg 36

Mohammed, T., Z.F. Long and A. Radford - Rapid DNA extraction from Neurospora crassa. pg 36

Newmeyer, D., V.C. Pollard and D.D. Perkins - New supplements for the formate mutant of Neurospora. A possible role for ascorbic acid? pg 36

Pall, M.L. - Growth temperature and permeability of Neurospora crassa. pg 37

Perkins, D.D. - Photoinduced carotenoid synthesis in perithecial-wall tissue of Neurospora crassa. pg 38

Perkins, D.D. and V.C. Pollard - A highly fertile fluffy allele, fl^Y, which produces macroconidia. pg 40

Roper, J.A. and D.J. Scanlon - Resistance to hydroxyurea in Aspergillus nidulans by gene mutation and by putative gene amplification. pg 41

Vialta, A. and R. Bonatelli Jr. - Parasexuality in Aspergillus awamori NRRL 3112 and interspecific hybridization with A. niger. pg 43


Perkins, D.D. - Main features of vegetative incompatibility in Neurospora. pg 44

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