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Papers Submitted for Fungal Genetics Newsletter #34:

Bos, C.J. - Mutant collection and master strains of Aspergillus niger. pg 27

Clutterbuck, A.J. - Revised allelism relationships among Aspergillus meth and gal mutants. pg 27

Dutta, S.K., Madhu Verma and Mukesh Verma - Identification of rRNA processing gene homologs of yeast in Neurospora crassa. pg 28

Favraud, L. and J.L. Azevedo - Isolation and characterization of deteriorated sectors from duplicate strain A of A. nidulans. pg 29

Furukawa, K., K. Hasunuma and Y. Hamada - An efficient isolation method for polyadenylated messenger ribonucleic acid from N. crassa. pg 30

Ghelani, S., B.G. Nair and H.S. Chhatpar - Calcium effects in N. crassa. pg 31

Hasunuma, K. and Y. Shinohara - Assay method and localization of GTP binding proteins in N. crassa. pg 33

Hooley, P., S.G. Shawcross and P. Strike - Relationships between pyrimidine metabolism and sensitivity to alkylating agents in Aspergillus nidulans. pg 35

Islam, M.S. and A. Nessa - Cell biology of ageing. IV. Effect of Nordihydro-guaiaretic acid (NDGA) and cortisone on the ageing syndromes of early senescent mutants of N. crassa. pg 36

Martinelli, S.D. and A. Zamir - Variable susceptibility of laboratory strains of Aspergillus nidulans to hygromycin and other ribosomal antibiotics. pg 37

McCullough, W. - A conditional morphological (fluffy) mutant of A. nidulans. pg 38

Metzenberg, R.L. and J. Grotelueschen - A restriction polymorphism map of Neurospora crassa: More Data. pg 39

Metzenberg, R.L. and S. Kang - A simple strategy for identifying a single complementing clone in a 96-well microtiter dish. pg 44

Newmeyer, D., D.D. Perkins and E.G. Barry - An annotated pedigree of Neurospora crassa laboratory wild types, showing the probable origin of the nucleolus satellite and showing that certain stocks are not authentic. pg 46

Perkins, D.D. and V.C. Pollard - Newly mapped chromosomal loci of Neurospora crassa. pg 52

Shawcross, S.G., P. Hooley and P. Strike - Some factors affecting transformation of Aspergillus nidulans - Problems and progress. pg 53

Simmons, J., P. Chary and D.O. Natvig - Linkage group assignments for two Neurospora crassa catalase genes: the Metzenberg RFLP mapping kit applied to an enzyme polymorphism. pg 55

Tiwary, B.N. and U. Sinha - Characteristics of six new para-fluorophenylalanine resistant loci of Aspergillus nidulans. pg 56


Turner, B.C., D.D. Perkins and N.B. Raju - Main features of Spore killer systems in Neurospora. pg 59

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