Table of Contents

Notes on Methods:

Isolation of DNA
Chan, E., E.V. Martin and S.D. Wainwright. NN 9:8-9

Electrophoresis of a-amylase and invertase
Gratzner, H.G. NN 9:9

Characterization of chromosome rearrangements
Perkins, D.D. NN 9:10-11

Collection of asci as unordered groups of ascospores
Perkins, D.D. NN 9:11

Use of alcoy tester strains
Perkins, D.D. NN 9:11-12

Markers at extremes of linkage groups
Perkins, D.D. NN 9:12

Revertibility tests
Malling, H.V. NN 9:13-14

Isolation of subcellular fractions
Munkres, K.D., et al. NN 9:14-15

Assay of glucose-6-phosphate
Brody, S. NN 9:15-16

Use of temperature-sensitive strains
Brody, S. NN 9:16

Cycloheximide as inhibitor of protein synthesis
Pall, M.L. NN 9:16

Obtaining linkage group IV double mutant stocks
Aiuto, R. NN 9:17

Growth studies
Bowman, C. and R.F. Jones. NN 9:17-18

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