Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Lack of effect of ethylene glycol on transcription
Dutta, S.K. NN 22:3

Stimulation of macromolecular synthesis by ascorbate
Bhagwat, A.S. and P.V. Sane. NN 22:3-5

Growth of ropy mutants on glycerol and acetate
Courtright, J.B. NN 22:5

Effects of anti-fungal agents on Neurospora growth
Al-Saqur, A. NN 22:6

Regulation of urease synthesis by repression
Schluttig, A. and W. Fritsche. NN 22:7

6-N-Trimethyllysine metabolism and carnitine biosynthesis
Villanueva, V.R. and E. Lederer NN 22:7

Utilization of N compounds by nit and ty-1 mutants
Hanson, B.A. and S. Brody NN 22:8-9

Influence of sodium pyruvate on fructose diphosphatase
Mattoo, A.K. and N.R. Parikh. NN 22:9-10

Enzyme activities in aged conidia of N. crassa
Gampel, Z., C.D. Denoya, N.O. Aversa and A.J. Jobbagy. NN 22:10

Temperature-sensitive mutant defective in ribosome processing
Loo, M. NN 22:10-11

Heterocaryosis in DNA-induced inoritol-independent hyphoe
Szabo, G. and M. Schablik. NN 22:11-12

Mutant deficient in general (PmG) amino acid transport system
Rao, E. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 22:12-13

Methods Notes:

Visualization of nucleosidase in polyacrylamide gels
Mattoo, A.K. NN 22:14

Toward the domestication of slime
Nelson, R.E., B.S. Littlewood and R.L. Metzenberg. NN 22:15-16

Enrichment for cold-sensitive mutants by tritium suicide
Russell, P.J. NN 22:16

Linkage Data and Notes on Stocks:

Concise linkage maps for N. crassa
Radford, A. NN 22:17-19

Three new fpr mutants
Kinsey, J.A. NN 22:20

Correction to note on linkage data for new ser mutants in NN #21
Maxwell, J.B., F. Kline and R.S. Bengtson. NN 22:20

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