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Obituary - Jessie R. Singleton - by D.D. Perkins

Research Notes:

Response of two loci to interaction treatment
Auerbach, C., B.J. Kilbey and G. Kolmark. NN 2:4

Differences in dose-effect curves for UV-induced reverse mutations at two different loci
Auerbach, C., B.J. Kilbey and G. Kolmark. NN 2:4-5

Studies of the genetics andphysiology of a nitrate non-utilizing strain of Neurospora
Blakely, R.M., and A.M. Srb. NN 2:5-6

The problem of mitotic recombination in Neurospora
Case, M.E., and N.H. Giles. NN 2:6-7

Studies on the 'dispensability' of recessive lethals
Curtis, C.F. NN 2:7

The genetic production of small, homokaryotic spores in Neurospora tetrasperma
Johnson, J.W., and A.M. Srb. NN 2:7-8

Nuclear number in germinating conidia of Neurospora
Kihara, May. NN 2:8-9

Effect of certain oxidizing and reducing compounds on germination of Neurospora macroconidia
Klein, D.T., and R.M. Klein. NN 2:9

Induction of reversions in Neurospora crassa by nitrous acid
Malling, H. and S. Frederiksen. NN 2:9-10

Observations of perpetual hyphal propagation in Neurospora crassa
McDougall, K.J., and T.H. Pittenger. NN 2:10-11

Effectiveness of selection based on variability uncomplicated by heterotic effects
Papa, K.E., A.M. Srb and W.T. Federer. NN 2:11-14

Asci of bis X bis crosses for chromosome cytology
Perkins, D.D. NN 2:14-15

The hexosemonophosphate shunt as an alternate metabolic pathway for conidial differentiation in Neurospora
Turian, G. NN 2:15

Technical Notes:

Further observations on the vegetative nuclei of Neurospora crassa
Bakerspigel, A. NN 2:16

Viability of Neurospora crassa ascospores after heat activation
Brockman, H.E. NN 2:16-18

The use of shake cultures of Neurospora for growth experiments
Davis, R.H., and F.M. Harold. NN 2:18-19

A method for concentrating dilute protein solutions
Horowitz, N.H., and M. Fling. NN 2:19

A method to improve the fertility of interallelic crosses
Ishikawa, T. NN 2:19

A selective plating technique for determining the recombination frequency between crisp and linked mutant loci
Lavigne, S. NN 2:20

Storage of culture media in polyethylene bags
Mitchell, M.B. NN 2:21

A method for storing conidia of Neurospora
Mücke, D. NN 2:21

Special growth tubes for the study of transport of growth factors and other phenomena
Pittenger, T.H. NN 2:21-22

Bibliographic Note:

Erratum: in Huang, P.C., NN #1, p. 14 "Information on Neurospora"

Note on the origin of Neurospora Stocks:

Origin of Important Wild Type Stocks of N. crassa
Barratt, R.W. NN 2:24-25

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