Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Immunological studies with pyruvate dehydrogenase complex
Harding, R.W. and R.P. Wagner. NN 19:14

Enzyme profiles during synchronous development
Totten, R.E. and H.B. Howe, Jr. NN 19:14-15

Mutations blocking development of perithecium
Ho, C.C. NN 19:15-16

Inhibition of protein synthesis by erythromycin
Courtright, J.B. NN 19:16

Response of thi-5 and thi-1 to vitamin pyrimidine
Perkins, D.D. NN 19:16

Genetically determined round ascospores
Barry, E.G., D. Newmeyer, D.D. Perkins and B.C. Turner. NN 19:17

A new uvs mutant
Schroeder,A. L., F.J. de Serres and M.E. Schupbach. NN 19:17

Biochemical differences between mating types
Islam, M.S. NN 19:18

Technical Notes:

Quantitative determination of perithecium formation
DeSha, C.M. and R. Fuerst. NN 19:19

Synchronous production of protoperithecia
Ho, C.C. NN 19:19-20

Antigenic screening method for genetic studies
Garrett, M.K. NN 19:20

Method for isolating protoperithecia
Johnson, T.E. and D.R. Stadler. NN 19:20

Use of heterokaryons in crossing female sterile strains
Mylyk, 0.M. and S.F.H. Threlkeld. NN 19:21

Ethylene glycol treatment of conidia
Wilson, J.F. and W.K. Bates. NN 19:21-22

Linkage Data:

New os-2 and os-5 alleles
Se1itrennikoff, C.P. and V. Abe. NN 19:23

Locus designations for temperature-sensitive mutants
Perkins, D.D. and T. Ishikawa. NN 19:24

Revised Linkage Maps for N. crassa
Radford, A. NN 19:25-26

Contributions on Genetic Stocks:

Presumptive new alleles of het-c
Perkins, D.D. NN 19:27-28

Reference strains of Neurospora sitophila
Perkins, D.D. NN 19:28-29

Special purpose Neurospora stocks
Perkins, D.D. NN 19:30-32

Linkage testers having markers near centromere
Perkins, D.D. NN 19:33

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