Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Free amino acid pool
DeBusk, B.G. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 11:3

Crosses between pyridoxine auxotrophs
Radford, A. NN 11:4

Leucine requirer derived from phen-l stock
Jha, K.K. NN 11:4

Protection of trehalase against heat inactivation
Yu, S.C. and A.S. Sussman. NN 11:4

Technical Notes:

Large scale growth in carboys
Garrick, M.D. NN 11:5

Method for double mutants within genes or gene clusters
Case, M.E., N.H. Giles and G.R. Fink. NN 11:5

Linkage Data:

Location of round spore, R
Cameron, H.R. NN 11:6


Effect of storage in water on germination and enzyme activities
Stine, J.G. NN 11:7-8

Location of aryl sulfatase
Scott, W.A. and R.L. Metzenberg. NN 11:8

Frequency of multinucleate conidia in microconidiating strains
Baylis, J.R., Jr. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 11:9

Ultrastructural studies of microconidium formation
Lowry, R.J., T.L. Durkee and A.S. Sussman. NN 11:9

Relationship of trehalose to conidiation
Hanks, D.L. and A.S. Sussman. NN 11:9-10

Distribution of nuclei in conidia
Pittenger, T. NN 11:10-12

Effect of age on relative plating efficiency of conidia
Haard, K. NN 11:12-13

Viability of macroconidia after liquid nitrogen refrigeration
Wellman, A.M. NN 11:13

Use of malachite green to determine disruption of conidia by sonication
Graham, J.D. NN 11:14

Method for disrupting conidia
Kapoor, M. and D. Bray. NN 11:14

RNA and protein synthesis in conidia
Hitchcock, S.E. NN 11:15

Metabolic control of conidiation
DelVecchio, V.G. and G. Turian. NN 11:16

Measurement of numbers and size distribution of conidia by Coulter counter
Gillie, O.J. NN 11:16

Pigmentation and ultrastructure of microconidia
Turian, G., N. Oulevey and F. Tissot. NN 11:17

Ascospore arrangements in aberrant asci of N. crassa mutant
Phillips, R.L. and A.M. Srb. NN 11:17-18

Ascospore color mutants and low germination
Cooke, F. NN 11:18-19

Improving fertility in crosses of lys-5 mutants
Ahmad, M., A. Das, M.R. Khan and M.N. Huda. NN 11:19

Growth of conidia of adenine-dependent mutants
Meaden, R.A. and A.M. Wellman. NN 11:19-20

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