Fungal Genetics Newsletter 40 - 1993

At first, only articles without tables and figures will be reprinted here. The following articles are available:


D.C. Bartelt and A.M. Dranginis. Regulation of amylase expression in Aspergillus nidulans

pp 18-19
K.R. Branch, J.W. Bennett, and D. Bhatnagar. Sterigmatocystin production by Aspergillus nidulans.

pp 20-21
J.J.P. Bruchez, J. Eberle and V.E.A. Russo. Regulatory sequences involved in the translation of Neurospora crassa mRNA: Kozak sequences and stop codons.

pp 85-88
Bruchez, J.J.P., J. Eberle and V.E.A. Russo  Regulatory sequences in the transcription of Neurospora crassa genes: CAAT box, TATA box, Introns, Poly(A) tail formation sequences  (5.5 M pdf)
pp 89-96
E.B. Cambareri and J.A. Kinsey. An ultra-fast method of DNA extraction from Neurospora

pp 22-23
T. Y.-K. Chow, and E. Käfer. A rapid method for isolation of total nucleic acids from Aspergillus nidulans

pp 25-27
V. Cifuentes, G. Hermosilla and G. Pincheira. Genetic complementation analysis in Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

pp 28-29
A. Fairfield and B.C. Turner. Substitution of paper for sucrose can reverse apparent male sterility in Neurospora.

pp 30-31
W. Fecke, U. Nehls and H. Weiss. An antisense RNA expression vector for Neurospora crassa

pp 34-35
A.M. Fuentes, M.A.J. Taylor, J. Jenkins and I. Connerton. Rapid purification and crystallization of Neurospora crassa tyrosinase

pp 38-39
T. Freedman and P. J. Pukkila. Quick and reliable method to analyze meiotic segregation patterns in Coprinus cinereus using the polymerase chain reaction.

pp 36-37
B. J. Howlett, J. F. Leslie and D. D. Perkins. Putative multiple alleles at the vegetative (heterokaryon) incompatibility loci het-c and het-8 in Neurospora crassa.

pp 40-42
J. Irelan, V. Miao and E.U. Selker. Small scale DNA preps for Neurospora crassa.

pg 24
G. Kothe, M. Deak and S.J. Free. Use of the Neurospora tyrosinase gene as a reporter gene in transformation experiments.

pp 43-45
J. Maier and H. Ninnemann. Detection of pterins and enzymatic activities of GTP-cyclohydrolase I and sepiapterin reductase in Neurospora crassa and Phycomyces blakesleeanus

pp 46-48
R.L. Metzenberg. Do protoperithecia smell perithecia?

pg 83
M.A. Moreno, M.C. Ramos and G. Suarez. Characterization of some aflatoxin-deficient mutants of Aspergillus parasiticus

pp 49-50
P.G. Mullin, B.G. Turgeon and O.C. Yoder. Complementation of Cochliobolus heterostrophus trp- mutants produced by gene replacement

pp 51-53
E.T. Nakano, R.D. Fox, D.E. Clements, K. Koo, W.D. Stuart, and J.M. Ivy. Expression vectors for Neurospora crassa and expression of a bovine preprochymosin cDNA

pp 54-56
D.O. Natvig and T.Nguyen. Rapid screening for Neurospora crassa strains lacking CuZn superoxide dismutase (sod-1)

pg 57
Martin L. Pall. The use of Ignite (Basta;glufosinate;phosphinothricin) to select transformants of bar-containing plasmids in Neurospora crassa

pg 58
Martin L. Pall and Joseph P. Brunelli. A series of six compact fungal transformation vectors containing polylinkers with multiple unique restriction sites

pp 59-62
A. Pandit. Germination of mcm microconidia of Neurospora crassa

pg 63
A. Pandit and R. Maheshwari. A simple method of obtaining pure microconidia in Neurospora crassa

pp 64-65
N.N. Pandit and V.E.A. Russo. Simple methods for crossing and genetic analysis of Neurospora crassa strains

pp 32-33
D.D. Perkins. Use of a helper strain in Neurospora crassa to maintain stocks of uvs-4 and uvs-5, which deteriorate unless sheltered in heterokaryons

pg 66
D.D. Perkins and J.A. Kinsey. New chromosome rearrangements from conidia of Neurospora wild type OR23-1VA.

pp 67-68
D.D. Perkins, J.F. Leslie, an D.J. Jacobson. Strains for identifying and studying individual vegetative (hetrokaryon) incompatibility lici in Neurospora crassa

pp 69-73
K. Sylvester and D.O. Natvig. Ribosomal DNA representation in the Orbach-Sachs and Vollmer-Yanofsky N. crassa cosmid libraries

pp 74-75
B.C. Turner and D.D. Perkins. Strains for studying Spore killer elements in four Neurospora species

 pp 76-78
Ca. Vágvölgyi, J. Varga and L. Ferenczy. Detection of double-stranded RNA in Mucor ramannianus

pg 79
One-Liners from P.T. Borgia, J. Irelan and E.U. Selker, and B.C. Turner and A. Fairfield

pg 84
Aspergillus bibliography - 1993
Compiled by John Clutterbuck
Neurospora bibliography - 1993
Compiled by J.C. Schmit