Media for culture of Aspergillus nidulans are described in a variety of sources.
One authoratitive source is :Barratt et al., 1965 Genetics 52:233-246
Examples from this work commonly used at the FGSC and are described below.

Minimal medium

per liter

   NaNO3                6.0 gm
   KC1                  0.52 gm
   MgSO4. 7H20          0.52 gm
   KH2PO4               1.52 gm
   Adjust pH to ca 6.5 (usually requires 1 ml of 1 N NaOH)

  (Note: If large quantities of minimal are to be used a 2OX stock
   solution of the above salts can be prepared.)

   glucose (dextrose)   10.0 gms
   2 ml of Hutner's trace elements

   For agar add 15.0 gms Difco Agar

Hutner's trace elements

   H20                   100  ml
   ZnSO4-7H20            2.2  gm
   H3BO3                 1.1  gm
   MnCl2-4H20            0.5  gm
   FeSO4-7H20            0.5  gm
   CoCl2-6H20            0.16 gm
   CuS04-5H20            0.16 gm
   (NH4)M07024-4H20      0.11 gm
   EDTA*                 5.0  gm

To prepare trace elements: Heat to boiling, cool to 60 C, add KOH adjusting pH to 6.5-6.8. Sol'n goes to deep purple after standing for several days. If in titrating pH, pH exceeds 7.0 discard and start over.
*ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (Disodium salt is easiest)

Complete media

A Complete medium

   glucose          2.5%
   yeast extract    0.5%
   agar             1.5%

Another Complete medium 

   Difco malt extract   2%
   Bacto-peptone        1%
   glucose              2%
   agar                 2%
A third alternative is to use Neurospora Complete medium.

Finally, to convert minimal to complete add the following per liter of minimal.

   Difco Bacto peptone                        4.0 gm
   Difco Bacto yeast extract                  2.0 gm.
   N-Z-case (Borden, enzyme hydrolyzed casein)2.0 gm
   vitamin solution*                          2.0 ml
   hydrolyzed nucleic acid                    6.0 ml

*vitamin stock solution
   per 100 ml H20

   Biotin          0.01 gm
   pyridoxinHCl    0.01 gm
   thiamineHCL     0.01 gm
   riboflavin      0.01 gm
   paba            0.01 gm
   nicotinic acid
   (or niacin)     0.01 gm
Store in dark; sterilize by autoclave or better yet by adding a few drops of chloroform.


ribo, ad, meth and phen may require appropriate supplementation)
Cultures are incubated at 37'C.
The mention of products of any particular company are not
meant as an endorsement of one companies products over another,
but are a means of identifying examples of appropriate grades,
or provide references to help researchers in obtaining materials
appropriate for their needs

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