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FGSC 988, Neurospora crassa wild-type, on minimal medium. The Neurospora genome was sequenced at the Broad Institute. The FGSC logo was redesigned in 2016 by Michael Awua-Duah of Kansas State University to be inclusive of all filamentous fungi in the FGSC collection
FGSC A4 grown on minimal for two days. This is the Aspergillus nidulans strain used for the A. nidulans genome Cryptococcus neoformans wild type and pex6 mutant expressing a peroxisome-targeted fluorescent protein. Cell walls stained with calcofluor white.
Image provided by A. Idnurm
FGSC 9075, the Fusarium graminearum strain that had it's genome sequenced Cryptococcus neoformans pseudohyphal mutant strain (cbk1 insertion mutant, ie. the homolog of cot-1 of Neurospora crassa). Cell wall stained with calcofluor white and nuclei with Sytox green. [Image taken by Felicia Walton and provided by A. Idnurm]
Color mutants of A. nidulans. Picture from Reinhard Fischer Growth of biA1 and biA1 palC4 strains of Aspergillus nidulans.
Photo courtesy of A. Rossi, Genetics and Molecular Research 6:721-729

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Asci of Gibberella zeae (F. graminearum). Histone H1 is tagged with GFP in one parent and with RFP in the other parent. Photo provided by Yin-Won Lee (Son et al. 2011. Fungal Biology 115: 1290-1302). Phycomyces blakesleeanus sporulating on an agar plate. The Phycomyces genome has been sequenced at the JGI
The Neurospora crassa strain FGSC 102 (fr; mat a) Phycomyces blakesleeanus demonstrating its strong phototropism. Phycomyces images provided by L. Corrochano.
Coprinus cinereus mating on a plate Puccinis graminis urediniospores. The P. graminis genome has been sequenced at the Broad Institute.
This image is from the Cereal Disease Lab
Neurospora crassa fluffy strains 4341 and 4317 mating on cornmeal agar FGSC # 353 imaged on a Hitachi S-3400 N Scanning EM by P. Rock of Virginia Wesleyan College.
Adenylate cyclase mutants of Trichoderma virens

Mala Mukherjee et al. 2007; Microbiology 153:1734-1742

FGSC # 353 imaged on a Hitachi S-3400 N Scanning EM by P. Rock of Virginia Wesleyan College.
Neurospora crassa nca-3::gfp. Deposited by Barry Bowman.
Additional photos (and vectors) available online
Ustilago tritici teliospores germinated on PDA

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