2020 Pricing


Fee listsa Fee
1 - 5 fungal strains $60 for each strain
Additional strains up to 50 $30 for each strain
Additional strains 51+ $15 for each strain
Any plasmid, fosmid, cosmid or BAC $50
Arrayed Neurospora or Aspergillus knock-out mutants b $250 for each plate
Arrayed Cryptococcus or Candida knock-out mutantsb $125 for each plate
Gene Library Pools $50
Vogels 50X salts 250ml $50
500 ml $100
Fungal Genomic DNA $200 for each strain
ANID Cassettes and Primers $2 for each tube
Single set of 81 Fusarium strains $1,200
Multiple sets of 81 Fusarium strains $600 per set
Order processing labor rate $37.50 per hour
Shipping rates Actual shipping rates vary by location and materials. Please contact our office at questions@fgsc.net for more information.


All orders are to be pre-paid, or accompanied by an institutional purchase order. Materials will not be sent to personal addresses.

Credit card orders: After you place your material request, we will prepare an invoice and send it to you by e-mail. After you pay online we will send the materials.

Requests by Purchase order: After we receive your formal university purchase order, we will prepare your materials and send the invoice to the appropriate address at the same time as we send the materials. You may send your purchase order as an e-mail attachment to questions@fgsc.net (pdf or JPG). Checks should be made payable to the Fungal Genetics Stock Center and be drawn on a US Bank.

Pricing FAQ

The FGSC pricing scheme is designed to help us to cover the cost of curating, preparing, and delivering materials. The FGSC can only send materials because of the long support of the US National Science Foundation although we no longer receive support from the NSF.

Shipping Format

All shipments from the FGSC are sent "FCA." The FGSC will arrange shipping, but any duties, taxes or import fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

Fungal strains from the FGSC are generally sent as growing cultures. Most strains can be shipped within a week. Some require more effort to revive and can take longer. Please consult us if there are any concerns about delays.


a These fees were set at the July 18, 2021 FGSC Advisory Board meeting and supersede any other fee list.

b Arrayed mutant plates are only available as complete sets. If you want individual strains the individual mutant fees apply.

c Applies to all clients.