Cryptococcus deletion strains from H. Madhani, 2007

The following information was sent to the FGSC from the Madhani lab in 2007:

"The spreadsheet lists the first 100 bp deleted and the last 100 bp deleted in each knockout. When possible, we've
included gene names assigned from previous annotations. We've also provided a link to our own annotation
database when possible.
Some of these deletions were made in regions of the genome that have not been previously annotated as a
coding region so there are no gene names associated with the knockout. Some wells may have very few cells
in them and/or the well may be contaminated. If you can tell us which wells these are, we can make up
another plate to add to the collection.
Some wells are listed as WT, which is a slight misnomer, since they are actually deletions of the gene
SXI1 which we often use as a control. "

If a strain is indicated as "replaced" it was determined to be incorrect and should not be used.

Additional information presented in the spreadsheet as a footer:

(1) KO # is an assigned strain number, which should be unique.
(2) WT or WT with a two-digit number means it is SXI1 deletion strain, serves as control.
(3) In the ORF column, blank means that this ORF is not present in the serotype D strain (JEC21), but it is believed, by the depositor, an ORF in H99 (serotype A) strain.
(4) In the ORF column, a few rows have two ORF names.  This is believed by the depositor that the deletion affects both ORFs.
(5) In the Signature Tag column, each of these 48 numbers represents a unique sequence tag (for
details, contact Jennifer Lodge's lab. And check the paper by Nelson et al.,  Genetics: 157:935-947 (2001)
(6) In the Culture Density column, low or very low means that these strains likely grow slow or very slow;
blank means that these strains likely grow relatively healthy. "


The FGSC can send copies of the Madhani set as frozen cells in 96 well plates, or as living cultures in 96 well plates on agar-solidified medium (additional fees may apply).

For more details, see our shipping and fees page.