The Fungal Genetics Stock Center
Neurospora- Strains carrying Fluorescent tagged proteins
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1188   pyrG89; wA3; pyroA4 [pyr4 + copA::gfp]       More info
1104   alcAp-GFP-nudF-pyr4; pyrG89; wA3; pyroA4       More info
1105   alcAp-GFP-tubA-pyr4; pyrG89; wA3; pyroA4       More info
1106   alcAp-GFP-nudA-pyr4; pyrG89; wA3; pyroA4       More info
9516   (mat A his-3+:: Pccg-1-sgfp+ + mat A his-3)       More info
9517   rid(RIP4) his-3+::Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+       More info
9518   mat A his-3+::Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+       More info
9519   rid(RIP4) mat a his-3+::Pccg-1-Bml+-sgfp+       More info
9520   rid(RIP1) mat A his-3+::Pccg-1-Bml+-sgfp+       More info
10160   his-3+::Pccg-1::nca-2+::sgfp+       More info
10171   his-3+::Pccg-1::arg-4+ ::sgfp+       More info
10162   his-3+::Pccg-1::nca-3+::sgfp+       More info
10168   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::vam-3+       More info
10165   his-3+::Pccg-1::dpm+::sgfp       More info
10167   his-3+::Pccg-1::vps-52+ ::sgfp+       More info
10159   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::nca-1+       More info
10158   his-3+::Pccg-1::nca-1+::sgfp+       More info
10157   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::cax+       More info
10166   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::dpm+       More info
10169   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::vma-1+       More info
10161   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::nca-2+       More info
10164   his-3+::Pccg-1::tdimer2(12)::grp-78+       More info
10170   his-3+::Pccg-1::vma-5+::sgfp+       More info
10163   his-3+::Pccg-1::grp-78+::sgfp+       More info
10174   rid Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IR   More info
10175   rid Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     VR   More info
10176   rid Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IVR   More info
10177   his-3+::Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IR   More info
10178   his-3+::Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IR   More info
10179   Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IR   More info
10180   Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IR   More info
10181   Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IVR   More info
10182   Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IVR   More info
10183   Pccg-1-hH1+-sgfp+     IVR   More info
10193   Sad-1::hph his-3+::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; mcb   rho-4RIP   I, II, V   More info
10194   Sad-1::hph his-3+::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; csp-2   rho-4RIP   I, II, VII   More info
10195   Sad-1::hph his-3+::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; rho-4   rho-4RIP   I, II   More info
10196   his-3+::Pgpd-HA-rho-4; rho-4; Prdi-1-rdi-1-sgfp   rho-4RIP   I, II   More info
10198   Sad-1::hph his-3+::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; rdi-1::hph   rho-4RIP   I, II, IV   More info
10200   Sad-1::hph his-3+::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; cr-1   rho-4RIP   I, II   More info
10202   his-3+::Pgpd-HA-Q69L-rho-4; Pccg-1-Bml+-sgfp; rho-4   rho-4RIP   I, II   More info
10203   his-3+::Pccg-1-Bml+-sgfp; rdi-1::hph   rdi-1 KO   I, IV   More info
10204   his-3+::Pgpd-HA-D126A-rho-4; Pccg-1-Bml+-sgfp; rho-4   rho-4RIP   I, II   More info
10205   (his-3+::Pccg-1-Bml+-sgfp Sad-1::hph rid-1; rho-4 a +FGSC 4564)   rho-4RIP   I, II   More info
10207   Sad-1::hph his-3::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; rdi-1::hph; mcb   rho-4RIP; RM110-5   I, II, IV, V   More info
10208   Sad-1::hph (?) his-3+::Pccg-1-sgfp-rho-4; adh     I, VII   More info
10209   his-3+::Prdi0a::rdi-1-gfp; rdi-1::hph   rdi-1 KO   I, IV   More info
10588   Pccg-1::sGFP::bar+ (EC)       More info
10589   Pccg-1::sGFP::bar+(EC)       More info
10590   Pccg-1::lifeact-tdtomato::bar+ (EC)       More info
10591   Pccg-1::lifeact-tagRFP::bar+ (EC)       More info
10592   Pccg-1::lifeact-tagRFP::bar+ (EC)       More info
10593   (rid-1 his-3+::Pccg-1::bml-sGFP + rid-1 his-3; Pccg-1::lifeact-tagRFP::bar+ (EC))   rip4   IL   More info
10594   (rid-1 his-3+::Pccg-1::bml-sGFP + rid-1 his-3; Pccg-1::lifeact- tagRFP-T::bar+ (EC))   rip4     More info
10595   Pccg-1::lifeact-tagRFP-T::bar+ (EC)       More info
10596   Pccg-1::lifeact-tagRFP::nat1+ (EC)       More info
1215   fwA,uaY9,pyrG89,pabaA1::alcA(p)GFPacuD,pyr4       More info
1221   pabaA1;bema::RFP pyrG;pantoB2,prn::sGFP-TYG;(pyrG89;uaY9)       More info
1222   sepA::sGFP pyrG,pyrG89;wA3;argB2;pyroA4,nkuA::argB;sE15       More info
1223   sepA::sGFPpyrG,pyrG89;wA3;bemA::RFPpyrG;sE15(argB2;nkuA::argB;uaY9,fwA1)       More info
1224   sepA::sGFPpyrG89;argB2;ΔbemA::argB;sE15,fwA1(ΔnkuB::pyrG;nkuA;argB;uaY9)       More info
1232   fwA1,pabaA1::alcA(p)cotA,pyr-4::argB,prnAGFP       More info
1251   metG1; deltappoA::metG; veA; gpdA(p)::gfp::ppoA::trpC       More info
10597   Pccg-1::lifeact-tagRFP::nat1+ (EC)       More info
10598   pAL12-Lifeact [Ptef-1::Lifeact-TagRFP-T::nat1]       More info
10599   pAL12-Lifeact [Ptef-1::Lifeact-TagRFP-T::nat1]       More info
1407   Dcp:GFP; pyroA4-; pyrG89       More info
1409   delta ccr4-Dcp1:GFP; pyroA4-       More info
1412   caf1-D337A-Dcp:GFP; pabaA1, pabaA1, sE15, wA2       More info
1416   Dcp1:GFP-Pat1:RFP; pyroA4-; pabaA1       More info
1417   ccr4-D543A-Dcp1:GFP; pyroA4-, pabaA1, riboB2       More info
1420   delta cutA-Dcp1:GFP; pabaB22; pyroA4       More info

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