FGSC #2509 Mating Types: a Species: Neurospora tetrasperma
Genotype : N. tetrasperma wild type Lihue-1v2
Alleles: Lihue-1v2
Stock No. from Other Collection: P0656
Depositor of Strain: DDP
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 2508
Perkins ID Number: P0656
Comments: Conidial isolate P581 v2.
Color: WT
Collection Site: LIHUE-1,Hawaii, Kauai Hawaii
Site Data: grass
Substrate from which the sample was collected: burn
Collected by: DDP
Date Colleted: 6/22/1972
Perkins Reference: NATVIG, D.O. et al.1987. Random-fragment hybridiz.analysis of evolu. in N.: status of 4-spored strainsEvolution 41(5):1003-1021
Perkins Reference: NARGANG, F.E.1985. Fungal mitoch. plasmidsExp. Mycol. 9:285-293
Perkins Reference: NATVIG, D.O. et al.1984. Distribution and evolutionary significance of mitoch. plasmids in N. spp.J. Bacti. 159:288-293
Perkins Reference: LEE, Steven B. and John W. TAYLOR1993. Uniparental inheritance and replacement of Mitochondrial DNA in N. tetraspermaGenetics 134: 1063-1075

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