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Papers submitted for Neurospora Newsletter #32

Clements, A. and G.A. Marzluf - Strain-dependent differences in transformation frequency. pg 6

Feher, Zs., M. Schablik, A. Kiss. A. Zsindely and G. Szabo - Characterization in inl+ transformants of Neurospora crassa obtained with a recombinant cosmid-pool. pg 8.

Kiss, A., A. Zsindely, M. Schablik and G. Szabo - Effect of various inhibitors on the production of myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase in Neurospora crassa wild-type strain. pg 9.

Russo, V.E.A., T. Sommer and J.A.A. Chambers - A modified Vogel's medium for crossing, mating-type tests and the isolation of female-sterile mutants of Neurospora crassa. pg 10.

Sargent, M.L. - eas strains of Neurospora for the classroom. pg 12.

Sonavaria, M., P. Padgaonkar, B.G. Nair and H.S. Chhatpar - Phosphate mediated regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in Neurospora crassa. pg 13.

Verma, M., V. Ghosh, C. Chambers, R.J. Crouch and S.K. Dutta - A new rDNA clone isolated from Neurospora crassa wild type strain 74A containing all coding regions. pg 15.

Vollmer, S.J. and R.H. Davis - Rapid DNA minipreps from Neurospora. pg 16.

Wilson, C.H. - Production of microconidia by several fl strains. pg 18.

Mini Review:

Hasunuma, K. - Mutants in orthophosphate-regulated cyclic phosphodiesterase showing rhythmic conidiation in Neurospora. pg 19.


Metzenberg, R.L. - Killing mites without killing Neurospora. pg 22.

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