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Research Notes

Heterothallic species of Neurospora are distinguishable by restriction analysis of their nuclear rDNA sequences.
Chambers, C., and S. K. Dutta. NN 30:5-6

Siderophore transport mutants (sit) in Neurospora crassa.
Charlang, G.W., and N. P. Williams. NN 30:6-7

Fungicide resistance of smco mutants of Neurospora crassa.
Grindle, M. and W. Temple. NN 30 7-8

Additional irreparable temperature-sensitive mutants.
Ishikawa, T. and D. D. Perkins. NN 30:9

Neurospora crassa qa-2 gene fragment.
Morse, C.C. R. Manger and F. Gaertner. NN 30:10

Phosphate mediated changes in phospholipids in Neurospora crassa.
Nair, B.G. and H. S. Chhatpar. NN 30:11

Recombination frequencies of mutations located in wc-1 and wc-2.
Russo, V.E.A., and F.D. Innicenti. NN 30:11-12

ARS8 sequences in the Neurospora genome.
Suzci, A. and A. Radford. NN 30:13

Technical Notes

Synchronous induction of ascogonia.
Bistis, G. N.

Fast preparation of Neurospora DNA for Southern analysis.
Feher, Zs. and M. Schablik. NN 30:14

A method for achieving prolonged nutrient-limited growth of Neurospora mycelium.
Flint, H.J., S. Dible and H. Kacser. NN 30:14

Procedure for preparing permeabilized hyphae for enzyme analysis.
Gujar, V.P. and J.C. Schmit. NN 30:15

Rapid sampling and collection of Neurospora mycelial suspensions.
Pall, M.L. NN 30:16

Quick and efficient protoplast isolation from Neurospora crassa.
Schablik, M. F. M. Nemeti and G. Szabor. NN 30:17


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