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Research Notes:

Does nitrate reductase play a key role in photoinduction of caroteniod synthesis in Neurospora crassa?
Belzerskaya, T.A., SS. Burikhanov, E.K. Chernyshova, M.S. Kritsky and N.P.Lvov. NN 29:14-15

Ornithine synthesis by an ornithine-deficient triple mutant
Charlang, G.W., and B. Ng. NN29:15

Fungicide-resistant os mutants of Neurospora crassa
Grindle, M. and W. Temple. NN 29: 16-17

Reciprocal translocation AR30 has a breakpoint distal to all known IIL markers.
Leslie, J.F. NN 29:18

Comparative study on some properties of polyphosphatasephosphohydrolase in Neurospora crassa strain ad-6 (28610) a and a leaky derivative.
Trilisenko, L.V., V.M. Vagabov and I.S. Kulaev. NN 29:19

Regulatory effect of inositol on the synthesis of myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase in Neurospora crassa strains.
Zsindely, A., A. Kiss, M. Schablik, M. Szabolics and G. Szabo. NN 29: 20-21

Technical Notes:

Growth rate comparison of drug resistance strains of Neurospora species.
Al-Saqur, A.M., and F. A. Sa'ed. NN 29:22

New instrument for rapid cell breakage.
Cramer, C. L. , J.L. Ristow and R.H. Davis. NN 29:22

An efficient isolation method for meiotic mutants causing meiotic nondisjunction or elevated recombination frequency in Neurospora crassa.
Hasunuma, K. and K. Furukawa. NN 29:23

Experiences with Metzenberg's method for preparing Neurospora DNA.
Nemeti, F.M., M. Schablik and G. Szabo. NN 29:23

Easy methods for fluorescent staaining of Neurospora nuclei.
Raju, N.B. NN 29:24-25.

New assays for carbamyl phosphate synthetase applicable in the presence of exogenous carbamyl phosphate.
Rigby, D.L., A.J. Baron and A. Radford. NN 29:26

Temperature-sensitive, protoplast-forming os-1 varient of Neurospora- a few tricks.
Selitrennikoff, C. P. NN 29: 27

Preparing Neurospora DNA: some improvements.
Stevens, J.N. and R.L.Metzenberg. NN 29: 27-28

Genetic Maps:

The physical and genetic map of mtDNA from Neurospora crassa strain 74-ORS23-1A.
Collins, R.A., D.M. Grant and A. M.Lambowitz. NN 29: 29-30

Improved backcrossed strains giving consistent map distances
Kafer, E. NN 29:41-44

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