N. crassa two linkage groups marked

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1174(Not available) gul-3;pe fl;pt cot-1845;Y8743m L;NS1(t) C102(t)IVR;IIR IIR;IVR IVRView Detail
1402le-1;pe flS4355;Y8743m LIVR;IIR IIRView Detail
3517fl dnP;38502dIIR;IVRView Detail
3518fl;dnP;38502dIIR;IVRView Detail
3532pe fl;pan-1Y8743m L;5531IIR IIR;IVRView Detail
4808pmn;pmgPm-22(r);no#IVR;IILView Detail
4809pmn;pmgPm-22(r);no#IVR;IILView Detail
4810pmb;pmgcan-37(r);no#IVR;IILView Detail
4811pmb;pmgcan-37(r);no#IVR;IILView Detail
535Has been replaced by strain number: 7019Y8743c;Y8743mIIR;IVRView Detail
639pe fl;cot-1Y8743m L;C102(t)IIR IIR;IVRView Detail
894arg-12s;pyr-337301s;37301pIIR;IVRView Detail