N. crassa two linkage groups marked

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1718su(mtr);mtr21-2;21(r)IR;IVRView Detail
1719su(mtr);mtr col-421-2;10(r) 70007cIC;IVR IVRView Detail
1720mtr;his-2;col-410(r);Y152M43;70007cIVR;IR;IVRView Detail
206his-3 ptC1710;S4342IR;IVRView Detail
2206uc-2;pyr-1RW135;H263I;IVRView Detail
2250ad-3B;cot-1C-18-972;C102(t)IR;IVRView Detail
2251al-2;cot-115300;C102(t)IR;IVRView Detail
2253leu-3;cot-1R156;C102(t)IL;IVRView Detail
2288upr-1;uvs-3no#;ALS11IL;IVLView Detail
2289upr-1;uvs-3no#;ALS11IL;IVLView Detail
2327cr-1;cot-1 greyL;C102(t) KH165IR;IVR IVRView Detail
236cr-1 thi-1 nit-1 al-1 nic-1 os-1;cot-1L 56501 34547 34508 3416 B135;C102(t)IR IR IR IR IR IR;IVRView Detail
248his-2 cr-1 thi-1 nit-1 al-1 nic-1 os-1;cot-1View Detail
249leu-3 his-2 cr-1 al-1;cot-1R156 Y152M14 B123 34508;C102(t)IL IC IR IR;IVRView Detail
256ad-5 nic-2 thi-1;cot-1Y152M40 43002;56501;C102(t)IL IR IR;IVRView Detail
2765mei-3;tolN289;N83IL;IVRView Detail
286al-1;col-434508 70007cIR;IVRView Detail
2948csp-1;bdUCLA37;no#IL;IVRView Detail
3001al-2 pan-1;fpr-515300;5531;no#(r)IR IR;IVRView Detail
3002al-2 pan-1;fpr-515300;5531;no#(r)IR IR;IVRView Detail
3016his-2;mtr col-4Y152M43;14(r) 70007IR;IVR IVRView Detail
3017his-2;mtr col-4Y152M43;30(r) 70007IR;IVR IVRView Detail
3051al-2;pho-315300;221(t)IR;IVRView Detail
3052al-2;pho-315300;221(t)IR;IVRView Detail
3108fmf-1;pyr-3PB-J6;KS43IL;IVRView Detail
3109fmf-1;tol pan-1PB-J6;N83 5531IL;IVR IVRView Detail
3110fmf-1;tol pan-1PB-J6;N83 5531IL;IVR IVRView Detail
3484csp-1;cel bdUCLA37;R2366o no#IL;IVR IVRView Detail
3819leu-3 arg-1 ad-3B al-1;tol hetCDeR156 36703 2-17-114 car-10 N83IL IL IR IR;IVRView Detail
3820un-3 ad-3A nic-2 al-2;tol hetcDE55701(t) 2-17-814 43002 Y112M38 N83IL IR IR IR;IVRView Detail
4198This strain is not available uvs-6;mtr met-2 pan-1ALS35;15(r) P159 5531IR;IVR IVR IVRView Detail
422En(pdx-1);pdx-1K30;44602pIL;IVRView Detail
4547csp-1;bdUCLA37;no#IL;IVRView Detail
4583pan-2;al-2;cot-1 uvs-2Y153M96;Y112M38;C102(t) no#IVR;IR;IVR IVRView Detail
4584pan-2;al-2;cot-1 uvs-2Y153M96;Y112M38;C102(t) no#IVR;IR;IVR IVRView Detail
4616mei-3;uvs-2N289;no#IL;IVRView Detail
4617mei-3(N289);uvs-2N289;no#IL;IVRView Detail
4630acr-3 nic-1;pdx-1KH14(r) S1413 37803IL IR;IVRView Detail
4701al-2;cot-115300;C102(t)IR;IVRView Detail
5186sn cr-1;cys-10 pdx-1 pan-1 uvs-2C136 B123 39816 37803 5531 no#I IR;IVL IVR IVR IVRView Detail
5187sn cr-1;cys-10 pdx-1 pan-1 uvs-2C136 B123;39816 37803 5531 no#I IR;IVL IVR IVR IVRView Detail
5269cot-1;al-2C102(t) 1-112-38IVR;IRView Detail
5270cot-1;al-2C102(t) 1-112-38IVR;IRView Detail
5273nic-2 al-2;cot-143002 1-112-38 C102(t)IR IR;IVRView Detail
5274his-3;cot-11-152-9 C102(t)IR;IVRView Detail
5277ad-3B;cot-11-263-111 C102(t)IR;IVRView Detail
5301ad-3A ad-3B nic-2;cot-1B110 C94 43002 1-112-38IR R R;IVRView Detail
5454his-2 ad-3A ad-3B nic-2 al-2;cot-1;pan-2C94 1-112-13 35203 43002 1-112-38;C102(t);1-153-96IR R R R R;IVR;VIRView Detail
5506his-3 al-1;mtr col-4 cot-11-152-111 1-234-471;17-2-14 70007 C102(t)IR R;IVR R RView Detail
5604his-3 al-1;mtr col-4 cot-11-152-111 1-234-471;17-1-64 70007 C102(t)IR R;IVR R RView Detail
5619cr-1 al-2;cot-1B123 1-112-38;c102(t)IR R;IVRView Detail
6125his-3 ad-6Y306M176IRView Detail
7322leu-3 suc;tol pan-1R156 66702;N83 5531IL IL;IVR IVRView Detail
7337leu-3 cyt-1 arg-3;tolR156 C115 30300;N83IL L L;IVRView Detail
8393pyr-3 arg-2, arg-3DFC3, CD80; CD186IVR, IVR; ILView Detail