N. crassa one linkage group marked

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1289This strain is not available cys-3 flP22 PIIL IIRView Detail
1290cys-3 arg-5P22 27947IIL IICView Detail
155arg-5 fl27947 LIIC IIRView Detail
159ro-3 peR2354 Y8743mIIL IIRView Detail
1681pe aro-1 flY8743m Y7655 LIIR IIR IIRView Detail
2000nuc-2 aro-1T28-M2 Y7655IIR IIRView Detail
2071pi trp-3B101 td24IIL IIRView Detail
2072pi trp-3B101 td24IIL IIRView Detail
2435pi un-15B101 T54M50(t)IIL IIRView Detail
2436pi un-15B101 T54M50(t)IIL IIRView Detail
2705ro-3 arg-5 peR2354 27947 Y8743mIIL IIR IIRView Detail
2706arg-5 pe fl27947 Y8743m LIIR IIR IIRView Detail
2751bal arg-5B56 27447IIL IIRView Detail
2997pyr-4 arg-1236601 UM107IIL IIRView Detail
2998pyr-4 arg-1236601 UM107IIL IIRView Detail
3008ro-3 peR2354 Y8743mIIL IIRView Detail
3072Has been replaced by strain number: 4169Y8743m LView Detail
3073Has been replaced by strain number: 4170Y8743m LView Detail
312arg-5 fl27947 LIIC IIRView Detail
3467ro-7 rip-1R2470 4M(t)IIL IIRView Detail
3468ro-7 rip-1R2470 4M(t)IIL IIRView Detail
4115arg-5 pe fl trp-327947 Y8743m L td37IIR IIR IIR IIRView Detail
4116arg-5 pe fl trp-327947 Y8743m L td37IIR IIR IIR IIRView Detail
4149cys-3 arg-5P22 27947IILRView Detail
4150arg-5 pe fl27947 Y8743m LIIRView Detail
4169pe flY8743m LIIR IIRView Detail
4170pe flY8743m LIIR IIRView Detail
4681arg-5 easCD6 UCLA191IIR IIRView Detail
4682arg-5 easCD6 UCLA191IIR IIRView Detail
4689cys-3 easNM27(t) UCLA191IIL IIRView Detail
4690cys-3 easNM27(t) UCLA191IIL IIRView Detail
5511pe flL LIIR RView Detail
5512pe flL LIIR RView Detail
6430mus-27 arg-5FK124 27947IIR RView Detail
6431mus-27 arg-5FK124 27947IIR RView Detail
6432mus-27 nuc-2FK124 T28M2View Detail
6433mus-27 nuc-2FK124 T28M2View Detail
6563ro-7 arg-5 rip-1R2470 27947 4m(t)IL R RView Detail
6564ro-7 arg-5 rip-1R2470 27947 4m(t)IL R RView Detail
7147cot-5 het-C pyr-4 thr-2R2479 C 36601 35423IIL L L LView Detail
7192thr-2 arg-535423 27947IIL IIRView Detail
7193thr-2 arg-535423 27947IIL IIRView Detail
7194arg-5 aro-327947 C167IIR IIRView Detail
7195arg-12 ure-3UM107 F29IIR IIRView Detail
7196arg-12 ure-3 un-20UN107 F29 P2402IIR IIR IIRView Detail
7197arg-12 un-20UM107 P2402IIR IIRView Detail
7198arg-12 fl rip-1UM107 P 4MIIR IIR IIRView Detail
7199un-20 ace-1P2402 Y2492IIR IIRView Detail
7200This strain is not available fl trp-3P605 td24IIR IIRView Detail
7201trp-3 un-15td24 T54M50IIR IIRView Detail
7202trp-3 un-15td24 T54M50IIR IIRView Detail
7207arg-12 fl rip-1UM107 P 4MIIR IIR IIRView Detail
7306het-c pyr-4cOR 36601IILView Detail
7307het-c pyr-4cOR 36601IILView Detail
7308arg-12 ure-3 un-20UM107 F29 P2402tIIRView Detail
7313het-cAD pyr-4 thr-2cAD 36601 35423IIL IIL IILView Detail
7350het-6PA arg-12PA UM107IIL RView Detail
7351het-6PA arg-12PA UM107IIL RView Detail
7354un-24 het-6ORDJ517 ORIIL LView Detail
7355cot-5 het-COR pyr-4 thr-2R2479 COR 36601 35423IILView Detail
7356cot-5 het-COR pyr-4 thr-2R2479 COR 36601 35423IILView Detail
7447cot-5 het-cR2479IIL IILView Detail
8111ace-1 easY29, JD105IIRView Detail
8596eas trp-3JD105, td24IIR,RView Detail
895arg-5 arg-12s27947 37301sIIR IIRView Detail