N. crassa Inversions that do not generate viable duplications

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
10000arg-12 In(IIR)UCLA191 eas trp-3UM107, UCLA191, td24IIRView Detail
10001(ace-1 In(IIR)UCLA191 eas + a^m1 ad-3B cyh-1(helper-1))Y2492, UCLA 191 (+helper)IIR, RView Detail
10002arg-12 In(IIR)UCLA191 easUM107, UCLA191IIR, RView Detail
10003(un-20 In(IIR)UCLA191 eas trp-3 + a^m1 ad-3B cyh-1(helper-1))P2402, UCLA191, td24 (+helper)IIR,R, RView Detail
2960easUCLA191IIRView Detail
2961easUCLA191IIRView Detail
3793In(IL;IR)OY323OY323IL IRView Detail
3794In(IL;IR)OY323OY323IL IRView Detail
3795In(IL;IR)OY323 arg-1 al-2OY323 B369 15300IL IRView Detail
3796In(IL;IR)OY323 al-2OY323 15300IL IRView Detail
3839In(IL;IR)OY348OY348IL IRView Detail
3840In(IL;IR)OY348OY348IL IRView Detail
4257In(IL;IR)OY323,al-2OY323 15300IL IRView Detail
7481ro-10 In(IR;IL)OY323 al-2 arg-13OY323IL IR IRView Detail
7482ro-10 In(IR;IL)OY323 al-2 arg-13OY323IL IR IRView Detail
9472easUCLA191IIRView Detail
9473easUCLA191IIRView Detail
9996rid-1; In(IIR)UCLA191easrip1 or rip4, UCLA191I, IIRView Detail
9997rid-1; In(IIR)UCLA191 easRIP4 or RIP1, UCLA191I, IIRView Detail
9998In(IIR)UCLA191 eas trp-3UCLA191, td24IIR, RView Detail
9999In(IIR)UCLA191 eas trp-3UCLA191, td24IIR, RView Detail