Neurospora- Hybrid strains for interspecific transfer

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1769N. interspecific hybridsC1 S15View Detail
1770N. interspecific hybridsC1 T1View Detail
1771N. interspecific hybridsC1 T3View Detail
1772N. interspecific hybridC1 T3View Detail
1773N. interspecific hybridsC3 T1View Detail
1774N. interspecific hybridsC3 T1View Detail
1775N. interspecific hybridsC2049 I2047View Detail
1776N. interspecific hybridC2049 I2047View Detail
1777N. interspecific hybridC17 S15View Detail
1778N. interspecific hybridsC4 T4View Detail