N. tetrasperma from Dodge collection

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
425N. tetraspermaNS-130View Detail
590N. tetraspermaN-aD-wild typeView Detail
591C4-AdC4-AdView Detail
592C8-adC8-adView Detail
59516-ade16-adeView Detail
596ND=dwarfND=dwarfView Detail
597Dwarf 16-adeDwarf 16-adeView Detail
598Dwarf 16-aDP + C4-AdDwarf 16-aDP + C4-AdView Detail
599H3-aIH3-aIView Detail
600D6-AID6-AIView Detail
601H3-aI+D4-AIH3-aI+D4-AIView Detail
60210-Ade10-AdeView Detail
60316-ade + 10-Ade16-ade + 10-AdeView Detail
604N. tetrasperma25221.12-aeView Detail
605N. tetrasperma340.6-aEVIView Detail
606N. tetrasperma343.6-AEView Detail
607N. tetrasperma343.6AE + 340.6-aEView Detail
608N. tetrasperma394.4-AeView Detail
609N. tetrasperma394.5-aeView Detail
610N. tetrasperma394.4-Ae + 394.5-aeView Detail
611N. tetrasperma343.6-AE + 394.5-aeView Detail
612N. tetrasperma343.6-AE + 2521.12-aeView Detail
613N. tetrasperma343.6-AE + 395.-aeView Detail
615N. tetrasperma86.9View Detail
616N. tetrasperma616-AeView Detail
617N. tetraspermaJ3C3-AEView Detail
619N. tetrasperma2521.12-ae + 87.11-AEView Detail