N. sitophila collected from nature

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
10022PortugalTapada de MafraView Detail
10026PortugalMonchiqueView Detail
10034SwitzerlandLeukView Detail
10035ItalyTurchino Est.View Detail
10039ItalyTurchino Est.View Detail
10041ItalyTurchino Est.View Detail
10047SpainPlatja d’AroView Detail
10052ItalyGenovaView Detail
10053ItalyGenovaView Detail
10055ItalyGenovaView Detail
10393N. sitophilaBrown River, Papua New Guinea (p2026)View Detail
10394N. sitophilaLaie, Hawaii (P4099)View Detail
10398N. sitophilaSulawesi, Indonesia (P4594)View Detail
10402N. sitophilaMoen, Truk (P3252)View Detail
10404N. sitophilaBas Quarter, Haiti (P3472)View Detail
10405N. sitophilaBas Quarter, Haiti (P3473)View Detail
10407N. sitophilaLiberville, Gabon (P3948)View Detail
10408N. sitophilaLiberville, Gabon (P3952)View Detail
10409N. sitophilaChemax, Mexico (P4181)View Detail
1128N. sitophilaJ1131XView Detail
1134N. sitophilaPanama (UP203)View Detail
1135N. sitophilaPanama 4NHB6BView Detail
1136N. sitophilaPanama 52B6CIView Detail
1764N. sitophilaObama-1, JapanView Detail
1765N. sitophilaObama-1b, JapanView Detail
1779N. sitophilaEurope 2View Detail
1840This strain is not available N. sitophila56.6View Detail
1841This strain is not available N. sitophila56.2View Detail
1843N. sitophilaArlingtonView Detail
2009N. sitophilaNigeria 243View Detail
2010N. sitophilaNigeria 112View Detail
2234N. sitophilaMarrero-1View Detail
2235N. sitophilaMarrero-1View Detail
2368N. sitophilaHanalei-2fView Detail
2369Has been replaced by strain number: 6689Hanalei-3jView Detail
2370N. sitophilaHanalei-3View Detail
2371N. sitophilaLaBelle-1hView Detail
2491N. sitophilaGolur-1eView Detail
2492N. sitophilaGolur-2View Detail
2493N. sitophilaKlang-6fView Detail
2494N. sitophilaPalo Alto-1View Detail
2684N. sitophilaPalo Alto-2View Detail
2685N. sitophilaNRRL 2884View Detail
3191Sk-1S(N. sitophila)no#View Detail
3214N. sitophilaElizabeth-2View Detail
3215N. sitophilaBayou Chicot-2View Detail
3216N. sitophilaCoon-9View Detail
3217N. sitophilaRavenswood-2View Detail
3299N. sitophilaNRRL2884View Detail
3355N. sitophilaPiracununga-1View Detail
3695N. sitophilaGarrochales, Puerto RicoView Detail
3696N. sitophilaPlaya Cortada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3987N. sitophilaHarbinView Detail
3999N. sitophilaIthaca, N.Y.View Detail
413Has been replaced by strain number: 584View Detail
4201N. sitophilaEl PasoView Detail
4202N. sitophilaEvergladesView Detail
4203N. sitophilaTongaView Detail
4204N. sitophilaTongaView Detail
4206Has been replaced by strain number: 4369IRQ-3View Detail
4207Has been replaced by strain number: 4370IRQ-7View Detail
4250N. sitophila3a6AView Detail
426Has been replaced by strain number: 58156.1 aPCView Detail
4731N. sitophilaAfareaitu, MooreaView Detail
4732N. sitophilaAfareaitu, MooreaView Detail
4733N. sitophilaBaie.d'o.Punohu, MooreaView Detail
4734N. sitophilaHaapiti-2, MooreaView Detail
4735N. sitophilaPapetoia, MooreaView Detail
4736N. sitophilaTeavaro, MooreaView Detail
4737N. sitophilaTeavaro, MooreaView Detail
4738N. sitophilaTemae, MooreaView Detail
4739N. sitophilaTeoharoa, MooreaView Detail
4740N. sitophilaBrown River Teak-Plantation, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4741N. sitophilaBrown River Area, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4742N. sitophilaHiri, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4743N. sitophilaKanusia, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4744N. sitophilaMunum-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4745N. sitophilaHaapape, TahitiView Detail
4746N. sitophilaHitiaa, TahitiView Detail
4747N. sitophilaHitiaa, TahitiView Detail
4748N. sitophilaMusee Gauguin, TahitiView Detail
4749N. sitophilaNorth Road, TahitiView Detail
4750N. sitophilaNorth Road, TahitiView Detail
4752N. sitophilaPapenoo, TahitiView Detail
4753N. sitophilaPlateau.de.Taravao, TahitiView Detail
4754N. sitophilaPotii, TahitiView Detail
4755N. sitophilaPunaauia, TahitiView Detail
4756N. sitophilaPunaauia, TahitiView Detail
4757N. sitophilaTautira, TahitiView Detail
4758N. sitophilaTiarei-1, TahitiView Detail
4759N. sitophilaTiarei-1, TahitiView Detail
4781N. sitophilaAnse-A-Galets-1, HaitiView Detail
4782N. sitophilaAnse-A-Galets-2, HaitiView Detail
4783N. sitophilaAu Borgne-1, HaitiView Detail
4784N. sitophilaAu Borgne-1, HaitiView Detail
4785N. sitophilaAu Borgne-2, HaitiView Detail
4786N. sitophilaAu Borgne-2, HaitiView Detail
4787N. sitophilaBas Quartier, HaitiView Detail
4788N. sitophilaBas Quartier, HaitiView Detail
4789N. sitophilaBerard, HaitiView Detail
4790N. sitophilaBerard, HaitiView Detail
4791N. sitophilaCarrefour Mme. Gras, HaitiView Detail
4792N. sitophilaCarrefour Mme. Gras, HaitiView Detail
4793N. sitophilaGran Sous, HaitiView Detail
4794N. sitophilaGran Sous, HaitiView Detail
4795N. sitophilaHaut Diquini, HaitiView Detail
4796N. sitophilaHaut Diquini, HaitiView Detail
4797N. sitophilaHaut du Cap, HaitiView Detail
4798N. sitophilaHaut du Cap, HaitiView Detail
4799N. sitophilaMerger, HaitiView Detail
4800N. sitophilaMercara, IndiaView Detail
4801N. sitophilaKenaboi, MalayaView Detail
4802N. sitophilaLadang.Glengowrie, MalayaView Detail
4803N. sitophilaMantin-1, MalayaView Detail
4804N. sitophilaMantin-2, MalayaView Detail
4805N. sitophilaTelok.Kumbar, MalayaView Detail
4806N. sitophilaVanuatuView Detail
4807N. sitophilaSingapore-5View Detail
5933N. sitophilaPlateau de TaravaoView Detail
5934N. sitophilaPlateau de TaravaoView Detail
5935N. sitophilaTemaeView Detail
5936N. sitophilaHaapiti-1View Detail
5937N. sitophilaHaapiti-2View Detail
5938N. sitophilaPapetoiaView Detail
5939N. sitophilaPapetoiaView Detail
6194N. sitophilaTiassoleView Detail
6195N. sitophilaTiassoleView Detail
6196N. sitophilaDivo-6View Detail
6197N. sitophilaDivo-6View Detail
6198N. sitophilaAhanoui-2View Detail
6199N. sitophilaAhanoui-2View Detail
6200N. sitophilaGrabiokokoView Detail
6213N. sitophilaSongsong-1, RotaView Detail
6220N. sitophilaSyracuse, NYView Detail
6222N. sitophilaMakakou-1, GabonView Detail
6223N. sitophilaMakakou-1, GabonView Detail
6224N. sitophilaEkowong, GabonView Detail
6225N. sitophilaEkowong, GabonView Detail
6227N. sitophilaMakokou-7, GabonView Detail
6232N. sitophilaGebze, TurkeyView Detail
6235N. sitophilaMatavera, RaratongaView Detail
6283N. sitophilaGrabiokokoView Detail
6284N. sitophilaBalayoView Detail
6285N. sitophilaBalayoView Detail
6286N. sitophilaIssiaView Detail
6287N. sitophilaIssiaView Detail
6288N. sitophilaDuekoueView Detail
6289N. sitophilaDuekoueView Detail
6290N. sitophilaLogualeView Detail
6291N. sitophilaLogualeView Detail
6292N. sitophilaMan-2View Detail
6293N. sitophilaMan-2View Detail
6294N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-1View Detail
6295N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-1View Detail
6296N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-4View Detail
6297N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-4View Detail
6489N. sitophilaKhao Yai-4 Sk-1 Sensitive (Thailand)View Detail
6549N. sitophilaMerizo, Sk-1SView Detail
6553N. sitophilaMoen-3, Truk, Sk-1KView Detail
6554N. sitophilaMoen-4, Truk, Sk-1KView Detail
6555N. sitophilaPort du Djoue-1, Congo, Sk-1SView Detail
6556N. sitophilaPort du Djoue-2, Congo, Sk-1SView Detail
6557N. sitophilaPort du Djoue-2, Congo, Sk-1SView Detail
6558N. sitophilaBouanza, Congo, Sk-1SView Detail
6559N. sitophilaKinkala-1, Congo, Sk-1SView Detail
6639N. sitophilaIsla Mujeres MexicoView Detail
6640N. sitophilaIsla Mujeres MexicoView Detail
6646N. intermediaCoba MexicoView Detail
6673N. sitophilaView Detail
6676N. sitophilaHanalei-3j-1View Detail
6686To be replaced This strain is not available fl^P, Sk-1^KP;KIIRView Detail
6687To be replaced fl^P, Sk-1^KP;KIIRView Detail
6689N. sitophilaHanalei 3j-2View Detail
6798N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-5, Ivory CoastView Detail
6799N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-6, Ivory CoastView Detail
6800N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-6, Ivory CoastView Detail
6801N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-8, Ivory CoastView Detail
6802N. sitophilaRobina, AustraliaView Detail
6803N. sitophilaHat Yai, ThailandView Detail
6804N. sitophilaHat Yai, ThailandView Detail
6805N. sitophilaBan Phru Mao, ThailandView Detail
6807N. sitophilaBangkok, ThailandView Detail
6846N. sitophilaPlaya Cortada, Puerto RicoView Detail
6847N. sitophilaIpoh Road, MalaysiaView Detail
6848N. sitophilaSingapore-9, SingaporeView Detail
6849N. sitophilaPort du Djoue-2, CongoView Detail
6850r(Sk-1)Makokou-1, GabonView Detail
6851N. sitophilaTodos Santos, MexicoView Detail
6852N. sitophilaTodos Santos, MexicoView Detail
6853N. sitophilaMatavera, RarotongaView Detail
6854N. sitophilaMatavera, RarotongaView Detail
6855N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-5, Ivory CoastView Detail
6856N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-5, Ivory CoastView Detail
6857N. sitophilaYopougon-2, Ivory CoastView Detail
6858N. sitophilaBrabadougou, Ivory CoastView Detail
6859N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-8, Ivory CoastView Detail
6860N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-9, Ivory CoastView Detail
6861N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-9, Ivory CoastView Detail
6862N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-6, Ivory CoastView Detail
6863N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-6, Ivory CoastView Detail
6886N. sitophilaMakokou-1 GabonView Detail
7074N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-6View Detail
7075N. sitophilaAdiopodoume-11View Detail
7093N. sitophilaBangaloreView Detail
7844N. sitophilaAustralia KilcoyView Detail
8118N. sitophilaYKP4 Urbanto Santo (Maranhao)View Detail
8136N. sitophilaGeorgia PlantationView Detail
8167N. sitophilaKampang Pengakalan KuinView Detail
8168N. sitophilaKampang Pengakalan KuinView Detail
8169N. sitophilaSungai TerapView Detail
8173N. sitophilaKilcoyView Detail
8174N. sitophilaOld Man Bay-1View Detail
8176N. sitophilaOld Man Bay-1View Detail
8177N. sitophilaOld Man Bay-2View Detail
8178N. sitophilaOld Man Bay-2View Detail
8179N. sitophilaOld Man Bay-3View Detail
8180N. sitophilaOld Man Bay-3View Detail
8181N. sitophilaSanJoseView Detail
848N. sitophilaNRRL 1275View Detail
8559Neurospora from the USARexford, MT U.S.A.View Detail
8574Neurospora from the USALos Lunas, NM U.S.A.View Detail
8575Neurospora from the USALos Lunas, NM U.S.A.View Detail
8580Neurospora from the USABelen, NM U.S.A.View Detail
8590Neurospora from the USALos Alamos#1, NM U.S.A.View Detail
8770Segregant from P333Golur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8813Segregant from P2998Khao Yai, ThailandView Detail
8823Segregant from P3494Carrefour Mme. Gras, HaitiView Detail
8832Segregant from P3758Adiopodoume, Ivory CoastView Detail
8883Segregant from P8064NigeriaView Detail
8884Segregant from P8085Virginia U.S.A.View Detail
8907Segregant from W768Belen, New Mexico U.S.A.View Detail
8922N. sitophilaDigitima creek-2 GuyanaView Detail
8923N. sitophilaLookout village GuyanaView Detail
8924N. sitophilaYarrokabra, GuyanaView Detail
8925N. sitophilaBogor-4, IndonesiaView Detail
8926N. sitophilaAhipara, New ZealandView Detail
8927N. sitophilaPonape-1View Detail
8974W548MooreaView Detail
8976W551TahitiView Detail
8981W788Bernalillo, NMView Detail
963N. sitophilaEurope no#View Detail