N. sitophila reference strains and mutants

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1137N. sitophilaMNHN504View Detail
2019N. sitophila56.8View Detail
2020N. sitophila56.4View Detail
2216N. sitophilaP8085View Detail
2217N. sitophilaP8086View Detail
2538N. sitophila173.25View Detail
2539N. sitophila112.19View Detail
2983N. sitophilaWAView Detail
2984N. sitophilaWaView Detail
346wild typewild typeView Detail
3886rg thi(1090)rg thi(1090)View Detail
3895N. sitophilaHet M-17 + SFT-5View Detail
412N. sitophilaHSSf122aPCView Detail
414N. sitophilaHSSf132APCView Detail
415N. sitophilaBeale APCView Detail
417N. sitophilaArlington APCView Detail
581N. sitophila56.1-aPcView Detail
583N. sitophila56.6-ApcView Detail
584N. sitophila56.7-APCView Detail
586N. sitophilaHSSView Detail
5940N. sitophilaP2443View Detail
5941N. sitophilaP2444View Detail
7866N. sitophilaKilcoy Australia (Sk-1K)View Detail
964N. sitophilaBView Detail