N. intermedia mutants

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
3370arg-Aarg-AIView Detail
3371arg-Aarg-AIView Detail
3372arg-Barg-BIVView Detail
3373arg-Barg-BIVView Detail
3374arg-Carg-CIView Detail
3375arg-Carg-CIView Detail
3376N. intermediaAR190 43002 KH52(r) JH216IR;VR;IR IR IRView Detail
3377arg-Earg-EIIView Detail
3378arg-Farg-FIView Detail
3379arg-Farg-FIView Detail
3380met-Amet-AIIIView Detail
3381met-Bmet-BIVView Detail
3382met-Bmet-BIVView Detail
3383met-Emet-EIVView Detail
3384met-Emet-EIVView Detail
3385met-Fmet-FIVView Detail
3386met-Fmet-FIVView Detail
3387met-Gmet-GVView Detail
3388met-Gmet-GVView Detail
3389cys-Acys-AIVView Detail
3390cys-Acys-AIVView Detail
3391his-Ahis-AIView Detail
3392his-Ahis-AIView Detail
3393his-Bhis-BVView Detail
3394his-Bhis-BVView Detail
3395his-Chis-CIVView Detail
3396his-Chis-CIVView Detail
3397his-Dhis-DIView Detail
3398his-Dhis-DIView Detail
3399his-Ehis-EIIIView Detail
3400his-Ehis-EIIIView Detail
3401leu-Aleu-AIView Detail
3404pdx-Apdx-AIVView Detail
3405pdx-Apdx-AIVView Detail
3406acr-Aacr-AIView Detail
3407acr-Aacr-AIView Detail
3408degdegVView Detail
3409degdegVView Detail
3410al-Aal-AIView Detail
3411oraoraIVView Detail
3412col-Acol-AIIIView Detail
3413col-Bcol-BIIIView Detail
3414col-Ccol-CIVView Detail
3415col-Ccol-CIVView Detail
3533cys-Bcys-BVIView Detail
3534cys-Bcys-BVIView Detail
3675Sk-2k N. intermediaIIIView Detail
3967met-Amet-AIIIView Detail
4280asn-Aasn-AVView Detail
4281asn-Aasn-AVView Detail
4282oraoraIVView Detail
6567al-3 from N. crassa BC 6 timesRP100VRView Detail
6568al-3 from N. crassa BC 6 timesRP100VRView Detail
7498per-1P760View Detail
8742acr-2 from N. crassa BC 6 timesKH5IIIView Detail
8743acr-2 from N. crassa BC 6 timesKH5IIIView Detail
8916per-1(P760)VRView Detail
8962acr-2 his-7 from N. crassa BC 7 timesKH5, Y152M31III C, RView Detail
8963cum acr-2 from N. crassa BC 7 timesP5241, KH5III L, CView Detail