N. intermedia collected from nature

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1300N. intermediaHondurasView Detail
1543N. intermediaHonduras-5View Detail
1544N. intermediaHonduras-7View Detail
1755MT from N. crassa, 10 BCNIT(10-500-1)View Detail
1762N. intermediaManila-1, PhilippinesView Detail
1763N. intermediaManila-1c, PhilippinesView Detail
1766N. intermediaSk-2S Tapei-1View Detail
1767N. intermediaSk-3S Tapei-1View Detail
1768N. intermediaUnzen, JapanView Detail
1782N. intermedia YManila-8, PhilippinesView Detail
1783N. intermedia YManila-7, PhilippinesView Detail
1784N. intermediaRouna-3, New GuineaView Detail
1785N. intermediaRouna-4, New GuineaView Detail
1786N. intermediaLae f1-12, New GuineaView Detail
1787N. intermediaLae f1-1View Detail
1788N. intermedia YChia-i-1, TaiwanView Detail
1789N. intermedia YFu-wei-1, TaiwanView Detail
1790N. intermedia YKao-shong-1, TaiwanView Detail
1791N. intermedia YSing-in-1, TaiwanView Detail
1792N. intermediaBogor-2c, IndonesiaView Detail
1793N. intermediaBogor-2g, IndonesiaView Detail
1795N. intermediaTampaksiring-1bView Detail
1796N. intermediaTampaksiring-1cView Detail
1797N. intermediaKuala-Selengor-4, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1798N. intermediaKuala-Selengor-4b, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1799N. intermediaKlang-6d, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1800N. intermediaKlang-6b, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1801N. intermediaKuala Lumpur-1b, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1802N. intermediaKuala Lumpur-1e, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1803N. intermediaChannapatna-1, IndiaView Detail
1804N. intermediaGolur-1b, IndiaView Detail
1805N. intermediaGolur-1c, IndiaView Detail
1806N. intermediaKadakola-1, IndiaView Detail
1807N. intermediaKadakola-1g, IndiaView Detail
1808N. intermediaKurubara Shettihally-1f, IndiaView Detail
1809N. intermediaKurubara Shettihally-1, IndiaView Detail
1810N. intermediaKalastwadi-1c, IndiaView Detail
1811N. intermediaKalastwadi-1, IndiaView Detail
1812N. intermediaSingapore-1b, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1813N. intermediaSingapore-1, Malay PeninsulaView Detail
1818N. intermediaFua-Lian-1, TaiwanView Detail
1819N. intermediaFua-Lian-2f1, TaiwanView Detail
1820N. intermediaMysore-1, IndiaView Detail
1821N. intermediaMysore-1e, IndiaView Detail
1822N. intermediaVarkud-1b, IndiaView Detail
1823N. intermediaVarkud-1c, IndiaView Detail
1826N. intermedia YBesakih-1View Detail
1827N. intermedia YBesakih-1cView Detail
1830N. intermediaCairns-1c, AustraliaView Detail
1831N. intermediaCairns-1d, AustraliaView Detail
1832N. intermediaTownsville-1b, AustraliaView Detail
1833N. intermediaTownsville-1, AustraliaView Detail
1834N. intermediaLeuwi Malang-1c, IndonesiaView Detail
1835N. intermediaLeuwi Malang-1e, IndonesiaView Detail
1836N. intermediaGianjor-1cView Detail
1837N. intermediaGianjor-1dView Detail
1881N. intermedia YJakarta-1View Detail
1882N. intermediaBrisbane-1f, AustraliaView Detail
1883N. intermediaBrisbane-1g, AustraliaView Detail
1937N. intermediaBubia-1f1, New GuineaView Detail
1938N. intermediaBubia-1f1, New GuineaView Detail
1939N. intermediaLaBelle-1d, FloridaView Detail
2215N. intermediaBogar-3, IndonesiaView Detail
2236N. intermediaGroveland-1d, FloridaView Detail
2237N. intermediaGroveland-1b, FloridaView Detail
2316N. intermediaClewiston-1hView Detail
2360N. intermediaHanalei-1fView Detail
2361N. intermediaHanalei-1View Detail
2362N. intermediaKekaha-1bView Detail
2363N. intermediaKekaha-1View Detail
2364N. intermediaLihue-3dView Detail
2365N. intermediaLihue-3bView Detail
2366N. intermediaKoloa-1hv1View Detail
2367N. intermediaKoloa-1hv4View Detail
2495N. intermediaChickkadana-1View Detail
2496N. intermediaChickkadana-1jView Detail
2497N. intermediaPulikeezhu-1bView Detail
2498N. intermediaPulikeezhu-1View Detail
2557N. intermediaHC2065 Tjikini PasarView Detail
2558N. intermediaBogor PasarView Detail
2559N. intermediaHC2125-1 Bogor PasarView Detail
2560N. intermediaHC2137 Bodjongloa Djalan IndonesiaView Detail
2561N. intermediaKopo DjalanView Detail
2562N. intermediaHC2147 Kampong Babakan TarongongView Detail
2613N. intermedia14151View Detail
2652N. intermediaNandi Hill 1-1AView Detail
2653N. intermediaNandi Hill 1-4aView Detail
2654N. intermediaGoa 9-7aView Detail
2655N. intermediaGoa 9-10AView Detail
3192Sk-2K(N. intermedia)no#IIIView Detail
3193Sk-3K(N. intermedia)P758IIIView Detail
3194Sk-3K(N. intermedia)P758IIIView Detail
3213N. intermediaFred-6View Detail
3257N. intermediaBOR32IIIView Detail
3290N. intermediaWaimea Falls-2View Detail
3291N. intermediaWaimea Falls-2View Detail
3292N. intermediaKahalui-1View Detail
3293N. intermediaKahalui-1View Detail
3294N. intermediaWailua Falls-1View Detail
3295N. intermediaWailua Falls-1View Detail
3334N. intermediaPiracicaba-1View Detail
3335N. intermediaPiracicaba-1View Detail
3336N. intermediaMonte Alegre-1View Detail
3337N. intermediaMonte Alegre-1View Detail
3338N. intermediaCampinas-1View Detail
3339N. intermediaCampinas-1View Detail
3340N. intermediaMombuca-1View Detail
3341N. intermediaMombuca-1View Detail
3342N. intermediaDois Corregos-1View Detail
3343N. intermediaDois Corregos-1View Detail
3344N. intermediaRio Dos Pedras-1View Detail
3345N. intermediaRio Dos Pedras-1View Detail
3346N. intermediaCapivari-1View Detail
3347N. intermediaCapivari-1View Detail
3348N. intermediaPorto Ferreira-1View Detail
3349N. intermediaPorto Ferreira-1View Detail
3350N. intermediaPiracununga-1View Detail
3351N. intermediaItirapina-1View Detail
3352N. intermediaItirapina-1View Detail
3353N. intermediaJaboticabal-1View Detail
3354N. intermediaJaboticabal-1View Detail
3362N. intermediaDagguluru-1View Detail
3363N. intermediaLankala Koderu-2View Detail
3364N. intermediaLankala Koderu-2View Detail
3402Has been replaced by strain number: 3965asn-AVView Detail
3697N. intermediaGarrochales, Puerto RicoView Detail
3698N. intermediaLa Prada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3699N. intermediaLa Prada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3700N. intermediaAguadilla, Puerto RicoView Detail
3701N. intermediaAguadilla, Puerto RicoView Detail
3702N. intermediaAguada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3703N. intermediaAguada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3704N. intermediaSan German, Puerto RicoView Detail
3705N. intermediaSan German, Puerto RicoView Detail
3706N. intermediaColonia Paraiso, Puerto RicoView Detail
3707N. intermediaSan Felipe, Peurto RicoView Detail
3708N. intermediaSan Felipe, Puerto RicoView Detail
3709N. intermediaSalinas, Puerto RicoView Detail
3710N. intermediaSalinas, Puerto RicoView Detail
3711N. intermediaPlaya Cortada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3712N. intermediaPlaya Cortada, Puerto RicoView Detail
3718N. intermediaWaimea, KauaiView Detail
3719N. intermediaWaimea, KauaiView Detail
3720N. intermediaHanapepe, KauaiView Detail
3721N. intermediaHanapepe, KauaiView Detail
3722N. intermediaHanalei, KauaiView Detail
3723N. intermediaHanalei, KauaiView Detail
3724N. intermediaBetances, Puerto RicoView Detail
3725N. intermediaBetances, Puerto RicoView Detail
3726N. intermediaLago de Yauco, Puerto RicoView Detail
3727N. intermediaLago de Yauco, Puerto RicoView Detail
3728N. intermediaIndiera Alta, Puerto RicoView Detail
3729N. intermediaIndiera, Alta, Puerto RicoView Detail
3965Has been replaced by strain number: 4280asn-AView Detail
3976N. intermedia YBeijing, ChinaView Detail
3977N. intermedia YBeijing, ChinaView Detail
3978N. intermedia YHangzhou, ChinaView Detail
3979N. intermedia YChangdu Tibet, ChinaView Detail
3980N. intermedia YHefei, ChinaView Detail
3981N. intermedia YJinan, ChinaView Detail
3982N. intermedia YBeijingView Detail
3983N. intermedia YHarbinView Detail
3984N. intermedia YTaiyuanView Detail
3985N. intermedia YGuiyangView Detail
3986N. intermedia YLiaoningView Detail
3988N. intermedia YHarbinView Detail
3989N. intermediaHefeiView Detail
3990N. intermedia YGongzhulingView Detail
3991N. intermediaBaodingView Detail
3992N. intermedia YChengduView Detail
3994N. intermediaDunedinView Detail
3995N. intermediaDunedinView Detail
3996N. intermediaBambaroo, AustraliaView Detail
3997N. intermediaBambaroo, AustraliaView Detail
431N. intermediaJavaView Detail
432N. intermediaFiji N6-1View Detail
433N. intermediaPhilippine Islands 4View Detail
434N. intermediaLiberia 4View Detail
435N. intermediaFiji N6-6View Detail
436N. intermediaSingapore-2View Detail
4838N. intermediaHighlands Highway, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4839N. intermediaKaindi Road, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4840N. intermediaKaindi Road, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4841N. intermediaLae-Unitech, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4842N. intermediaLae-Unitech, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4843N. intermediaLeron-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4844N. intermediaLeron-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4845N. intermediaMumeng, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4846N. intermediaMumeng, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4847N. intermediaMunum-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4848N. intermediaMunum-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4849N. intermediaNadzap, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4850N. intermediaNadzap, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4851N. intermediaNarikubun-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4852N. intermediaNarikubun-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4853N. intermediaWau-2, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4854N. intermediaWau-2, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4855N. intermediaYalu, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4856N. intermediaYalu, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4857N. intermediaBaiyer River-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4858N. intermediaBaiyer River-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4859N. intermediaBrown River Highway, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4860N. intermediaDepo-Sogeri, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4861N. intermediaDepo-Sogeri, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4862N. intermediaGoroka-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4863N. intermediaGoroka-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4864N. intermediaHiri, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4865N. intermediaMarinville, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4866N. intermediaMarinville, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4867N. intermediaPt. Moresby-Hohola-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4868N. intermediaPt. Moresby-Hohola-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4869N. intermediaRouna-6, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4870N. intermediaRouna-6, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4871N. intermediaRouna-8, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4872N. intermediaRouna-8, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4873N. intermediaSogeri Rd-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4874N. intermediaSogeri Rd-1, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4875N. intermediaTiaba, Papua New GuineaView Detail
4876N. intermediaTiaba, Papua New GuineaView Detail
5014N. intermediaHanalei-1gView Detail
5096N. intermediaPetaling Jaya MALAYAView Detail
5097N. intermediapeanut ontjom, Jalan Kopo, JavaView Detail
5098N. intermediapeanut ontjom, Pasar Balubur, JavaView Detail
5099N. intermediapeanut ontjom, Pasar Balubur, JavaView Detail
5100N. intermediaDaintree-1, AustraliaView Detail
5101N. intermediaDaintree-1, AustraliaView Detail
5102N. intermediaWonga, AustraliaView Detail
5103N. intermediaWonga, AustraliaView Detail
5104N. intermediaMareeba, AustraliaView Detail
5105N. intermediaMareeba, AustraliaView Detail
5106N. intermediaWangetti, AustraliaView Detail
5107N. intermediaWangetti, AustraliaView Detail
5108N. intermediaFeluga, AustraliaView Detail
5109N. intermediaFeluga, AustraliaView Detail
5110N. intermediaJapoonvale, AustraliaView Detail
5111N. intermediaJapoonvale, AustraliaView Detail
5112N. intermediaShaw's Corner, AustraliaView Detail
5113N. intermediaShaw's Corner, AustraliaView Detail
5114N. intermediaMiallo, AustraliaView Detail
5115N. intermediaMiallo, AustraliaView Detail
5116N. intermediaAhipara, New ZealandView Detail
5117N. intermediaAhipara, New ZealandView Detail
5118N. intermediaMt. Albert, New ZealandView Detail
5119N. intermediaCornwallis Beach, New ZealandView Detail
5120N. intermediaCornwallis Beach, New ZealandView Detail
5121N. intermediaWaipu, New ZealandView Detail
5122N. intermediaWaipu, New ZealandView Detail
5123N. intermediaS. Coast, TahitiView Detail
5124N. intermediaHaapiti-1, MooreaView Detail
5125N. intermediaHaapiti-1, MooreaView Detail
5126N. intermediaViaire, MooreaView Detail
5127N. intermediaBaie D'Opunohu, MooreaView Detail
5128N. intermediaBaie D'Opunohu, MooreaView Detail
5129N. intermediaBali Hai Region, MooreaView Detail
5223N. intermediaSunshine Beach, MalayaView Detail
5224N. intermediaSunshine Beach, MalayaView Detail
5225N. intermediaTelok Bahang, MalayaView Detail
5226N. intermediaTelok Bahang, MalayaView Detail
5227N. intermediaSungai Pinang, MalayaView Detail
5228N. intermediaSungai Pinang, MalayaView Detail
5229N. intermediaBukit Penara, MalayaView Detail
5230N. intermediaBukit Penara, MalayaView Detail
5231N. intermediaTelok Kumbar, MalayaView Detail
5232N. intermediaTelok Kumbar, MalayaView Detail
5233N. intermediaSubang-1, MalayaView Detail
5234N. intermediaSubang-1, MalayaView Detail
5235N. intermediaDamansara Jaya, MalayaView Detail
5236N. intermediaDamansara Jaya, MalayaView Detail
5237N. intermediaDampung Cempaka, MalayaView Detail
5238N. intermediaDampung Cempaka, MalayaView Detail
5239N. intermediaSunge Way-Subang, MalayaView Detail
5240N. intermediaSunge Way-Subang, MalayaView Detail
5241N. intermediaUlu Gombak-1, MalayaView Detail
5242N. intermediaUlu Gombak-1, MalayaView Detail
5243N. intermediaKarak Highway, MalayaView Detail
5244N. intermediaKarak Highway, MalayaView Detail
5245N. intermediaSeremban, MalayaView Detail
5246N. intermediaSeremban, MalayaView Detail
5247N. intermediaCheras, MalayaView Detail
5248N. intermediaCheras, MalayaView Detail
5249N. intermediaKajang, MalayaView Detail
5250N. intermediaKajang, MalayaView Detail
5251N. intermediaMelaka, MalayaView Detail
5252N. intermediaMelaka, MalayaView Detail
5253N. intermediaSingapore-3View Detail
5254N. intermediaSingapore-3View Detail
5255N. intermediaSingapore-5View Detail
5256N. intermediaSingapore-5View Detail
5257N. intermediaBangkok-5, ThailandView Detail
5258N. intermediaBangkok-5, ThailandView Detail
5259N. intermediaBangkok Airport, ThailandView Detail
5260N. intermediaBangkok Airport, ThailandView Detail
5261N. intermediaKlong Rangsit no. 4, ThailandView Detail
5262N. intermediaKlong Rangsit no. 4, ThailandView Detail
5339N. intermedia YGoroka Area, Papua New GuineaView Detail
5340N. intermedia YGoroka Area, Papua New GuineaView Detail
5341N. intermedia YMt. Hagen, Papua New GuineaView Detail
5342N. intermedia YMt. Hagen, Papua New GuineaView Detail
5343N. intermediaKonappatti, India (Tamil Nadu)View Detail
5344N. intermediaKonappatti, India (Tamil Nadu)View Detail
5345N. intermediaRameshwaram, India (Tamil Nadu)View Detail
5346N. intermediaRameshwaram, India (Tamil Nadu)View Detail
5347N. intermediaGeorgetown-1, MalayaView Detail
5348N. intermediaGeorgetown-1, MalayaView Detail
5349N. intermediaGeorgetown-6, MalayaView Detail
5350N. intermediaGeorgetown-6, MalayaView Detail
5351N. intermediaTanjung Asam, MalayaView Detail
5352N. intermediaTanjung Asam, MalayaView Detail
5353N. intermediaGertak Sangul, MalayaView Detail
5354N. intermediaGertak Sangul, MalayaView Detail
5355N. intermediaBayan Lepas, MalayaView Detail
5356N. intermediaSungai Ara, MalayaView Detail
5357N. intermediaSungai Ara, MalayaView Detail
5358N. intermediaBatu Ferringi-1, MalayaView Detail
5360N. intermediaKlong Rangsit no. 5, ThailandView Detail
5361N. intermediaKlong Rangsit no. 5, ThallandView Detail
5362N. intermediaKlong Rangsit km57, ThailandView Detail
5363N. intermediaKlong Rangsit km57, ThailandView Detail
5364This strain is not available N. intermediaKhao Eto, ThailandView Detail
5365N. intermediaKhao Eto, ThailandView Detail
5366N. intermediaNakhon Nayok, ThailandView Detail
5367N. intermediaNakhon Nayok, ThailandView Detail
5368N. intermediaKhao Yai-1, ThailandView Detail
5369N. intermediaKhao Yai-1, ThailandView Detail
5370N. intermediaKhao Yai-2, ThailandView Detail
5371N. intermediaKhao Yai-2, ThailandView Detail
5372N. intermediaKuching-3, Sarawak, BorneoView Detail
5373N. intermediaKuching-3, Sarawak, BorneoView Detail
5374N. intermediaLokawi Camp, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5375N. intermediaLokawi Camp, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5376N. intermediaMenggajal, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5377N. intermediaMenggajal, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5378N. intermediaMt. Kinabalu, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5379N. intermediaMt. Kinabalu, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5384N. intermediaKota Kinabalu-2, Sabah, BorneoView Detail
5386N. intermediaRota-3View Detail
5387N. intermediaRota-3View Detail
5388N. intermediaMoen-4, TrukView Detail
5389N. intermediaMoen-4, TrukView Detail
5390N. intermediaMoen-6, TrukView Detail
5391N. intermediaMoen-6, TrukView Detail
5392N. intermedia YMoen-7, TrukView Detail
5393N. intermediaMoen-7, TrukView Detail
5394N. intermediaMoen-8, TrukView Detail
5395N. intermediaMoen-8, TrukView Detail
5396N. intermediaMoen-9, TrukView Detail
5397N. intermediaMoen-9, TrukView Detail
5398N. intermediaMoen-10, TrukView Detail
5399N. intermediaMoen-10, TrukView Detail
5400N. intermediaMoen-14, TrukView Detail
5401N. intermediaMoen-14, TrukView Detail
5402N. intermediaKolonia-1, PonapeView Detail
5403N. intermediaKolonia-1, PonapeView Detail
5404N. intermediaKolonia-2, PonapeView Detail
5405N. intermediaKolonia-2, PonapeView Detail
5406N. intermediaPonape-1View Detail
5407N. intermediaPonape-1View Detail
5408N. intermediaPonape-2View Detail
5409N. intermediaPonape-2View Detail
5641N. intermedia YManila PhillipinesView Detail
5642N. intermedia YChia-i-2 TaiwanView Detail
5643N. intermedia YBogor Indonesia (Java)View Detail
5644N. intermediaBogor-4 Indonesia (Java)View Detail
5645N. intermedia YTjipanas-1 Indonesia (Java)View Detail
5646N. intermedia YKelungkung Indonesia (Bali)View Detail
5647N. intermedia Y8 Mile Plain Australia (Queensland)View Detail
573Has been replaced by strain number: 2613View Detail
589N. intermediacocobeanView Detail
5908N. intermediaBig EmmaView Detail
5911N. intermediaDigitima Creek-2View Detail
5912N. intermediaDigitima Creek-2View Detail
5915N. intermediaLookout VillageView Detail
6006N. intermediaVarkud V1-2View Detail
6007N. intermediaVarkud V3-8View Detail
6037N. intermediaVarkud V2-7View Detail
6214N. intermediaSongsong-1, RotaView Detail
6215N. intermediaSongsong-3, RotaView Detail
6216N. intermediaRota-1View Detail
6217N. intermediaMoen-7, TrukView Detail
6221N. intermedia YWindaroo-2, AustraliaView Detail
6226N. intermedia YMakokou-6, GabonView Detail
6229N. intermedia YMakokou-8, GabonView Detail
6230N. intermedia YMakokou-9, GabonView Detail
6231N. intermediaLibreville, GabonView Detail
6236N. intermedia YLaie, OahuView Detail
6237N. intermediaLaie, OahuView Detail
6238N. intermediaKekaha, KauaiView Detail
6239N. intermediaKekaha, KauaiView Detail
6242N. intermediaKenscoff, HaitiView Detail
6243N. intermediaLeogane, HaitiView Detail
6244N. intermediaMerger, HaitiView Detail
6245N. intermediaPuilboreau Mt. HaitiView Detail
6246N. intermediaPuilboreau Mt. HaitiView Detail
6247N. intermediaPescail, HaitiView Detail
6248N. intermediaPescail, HaitiView Detail
6249N. intermediaAu Borgne-1, HaitiView Detail
6250N. intermediaHaut du Cap, HaitiView Detail
6251N. intermediaCarrefour Mme. Gras, HaitiView Detail
6252N. intermediaGran Sous, HaitiView Detail
6253N. intermediaRan Adjame, Ivory CoastView Detail
6254N. intermediaYopougon, Ivory CoastView Detail
6255N. intermediaYopougon, Ivory CoastView Detail
6256N. intermediaUniversite D'Abidjan, Ivory CoastView Detail
6257N. intermedia YTiassole, Ivory CoastView Detail
6258N. intermediaMt. Tonkgui, Ivory CoastView Detail
6259N. intermediaHermankono, Ivory CoastView Detail
6260N. intermediaBrobo, Ivory CoastView Detail
6261N. intermediaKovasiblekro, Ivory CoastView Detail
6262N. intermediaAdiopodoume-1, Ivory CoastView Detail
6263N. intermediaAdiopodoume-4, Ivory CoastView Detail
6264N. intermediaBrazzaville, CongoView Detail
6265N. intermediaPort du Djoue-3, CongoView Detail
6266N. intermedia YPort du Djoue-3, CongoView Detail
6267N. intermediaDjoue, CongoView Detail
6268N. intermedia YDjoue, CongoView Detail
6269N. intermedia YDimonika Village, CongoView Detail
6270N. intermedia YDimonika Village, CongoView Detail
6271N. intermediaLoubomo, CongoView Detail
6272N. intermediaJacob, CongoView Detail
6273N. intermediaJacob, CongoView Detail
6274N. intermediaMadingo, CongoView Detail
6275N. intermedia YMadingo Market, CongoView Detail
6276N. intermediaBouanza, CongoView Detail
6277N. intermediaMissafou-1, CongoView Detail
6278N. intermediaKinkala-1, CongoView Detail
6279N. intermediaMissafou-2, CongoView Detail
6280N. intermediaMissafou-2, CongoView Detail
6281N. intermedia YEkowong, GabonView Detail
6282N. intermediaMakokou-7, GabonView Detail
629N. intermediaXView Detail
630N. intermediaX-1View Detail
631N. intermediaX-2View Detail
6541N. intermediaTaleytac, GuamView Detail
6542N. intermediaTaleytac, GuamView Detail
6543N. intermediaTaelayag, GuamView Detail
6544N. intermediaTaelayag, GuamView Detail
6545N. intermediaUmatac Bay, GuamView Detail
6546N. intermediaUmatac Bay, GuamView Detail
6547N. intermediaMerizo, GuamView Detail
6548N. intermediaMerizo, GuamView Detail
6550N. intermediaMalojloj, GuamView Detail
6551N. intermediaMalojloj, GuamView Detail
6552N. intermediaTaleysay, GuamView Detail
6593N. intermediaArue TahitiView Detail
6594N. intermediaTautira TahitiView Detail
6595N. intermediaS. Coast TahitiView Detail
6596N. intermediaHomestead FloridaView Detail
6597N. intermediaHomestead FloridaView Detail
6598N. intermediaClewiston FloridaView Detail
6599N. intermediaCanal Point FloridaView Detail
6600N. intermediaCanal Point FloridaView Detail
6601N. intermediaYeehaw Junction FloridaView Detail
6602N. intermediaYeehaw Junction FloridaView Detail
6603N. intermediaHomestead-2 FloridaView Detail
6604N. intermediaHomestead-2 FloridaView Detail
6605N. intermediaSaratoga TexasView Detail
6606N. intermediaBatu Ferringi-1 MalayaView Detail
6623N. intermediaPalau West CarolinesView Detail
6624N. intermediaHarwood Island NSWView Detail
6625N. intermedia YHarwood Island NSWView Detail
6626N. intermedia YNew Italy NSWView Detail
6627N. intermedia YWonderoo NSWView Detail
6628N. intermedia YWonderoo NSWView Detail
6645N. intermediaCoba-2 MexicoView Detail
6795N. intermediaMiner's Cove, New ZealandView Detail
6796N. intermediaMiner's Cove, New ZealandView Detail
6806N. intermediaBan Phru Mao, ThailandView Detail
7399Has been replaced by strain number: 7427JView Detail
7400Has been replaced by strain number: 7428JIIIView Detail
7401Sk-2KBIIIView Detail
7402Sk-2KBIIIView Detail
7426N. intermedia Sk-2KSAIIIView Detail
7427N. intermedia Sk-2KJIIIView Detail
7428N. intermedia Sk-2KJIIIView Detail
7429N. intermedia Sk-2KPView Detail
7458N. intermediaMaddur 1991-68View Detail
7459N. intermediaMaddur 1991-69View Detail
7460N. intermediaMaddur 1992-19View Detail
7461N. intermediaMaddur 1992-30View Detail
7462N. intermedia (albino)View Detail
7463N. intermedia (albino)View Detail
7464N. intermedia (yellow)View Detail
7465N. intermedia (yellow)View Detail
7466N. intermediaView Detail
7467N. intermediaView Detail
7548N. intermediaWalter AFB, TrinidadView Detail
7549N. intermediaCaroni Swamp, TrinidadView Detail
7550N. intermediaCaroni Swamp, TrinidadView Detail
7554N. intermediaIle St. Joseph, French GuianaView Detail
7555N. intermediaIle St. Joseph, French GuianaView Detail
7829N. intermediaNew Zealand MangereView Detail
7830N. intermediaNew Zealand MangereView Detail
7832This strain is not available N. intermediaSwaziland EnzuliniView Detail
7835N. intermediaIndonesia Bogor-7View Detail
7839N. intermediaUSA Northside Planting, New Iberia LAView Detail
7840N. intermediaDominican Republic BaniView Detail
7841N. intermediaDominican Republic BaniView Detail
7842N. intermediaHawaii Kekaha-3View Detail
7843N. intermediaHawaii Kekaha-3View Detail
7845N. intermediaAustralia Berry SpringsView Detail
7846N. intermediaAustralia Berry SpringsView Detail
7849N. intermediaAustralia Ku-rin-gai National ParkView Detail
8087N. intermediaWalkerston Bee BasketsView Detail
8088N. intermediaWalkerston Bee BasketsView Detail
8089N. intermediaDaintree-4View Detail
8090N. intermediaDaintree-4View Detail
8091N. intermediaTarkfa Nahorn SawanView Detail
8092N. intermediaTarkfa Nahorn SawanView Detail
8093N. intermediaPrabart SaraburView Detail
8094N. intermediaPrabart SaraburView Detail
8095N. intermediaJacobs Well Bee BasketsView Detail
8096N. intermediaMangereView Detail
8097N. intermediaMangereView Detail
8099N. intermediaEnzuliniView Detail
8103N. intermediaBogor-7View Detail
8140N. intermediaNorthside PlantingView Detail
8142This strain is not available N. intermediaBaniView Detail
8143N. intermediaBaniView Detail
8144N. intermediaBerry SpringsView Detail
8145N. intermediaBerry SpringsView Detail
8146N. intermediaWalter AFBView Detail
8148N. intermediaKu-Rin-Gai National ParkView Detail
8150N. intermediaRantau PanjangView Detail
8151N. intermediaRantau PanjangView Detail
8152N. intermediaSungai RasauView Detail
8153N. intermediaSungai RasauView Detail
8154N. intermediaKampang Pengakalan KuinView Detail
8166N. intermediaKampang Pengakalan KuinView Detail
8170N. intermediaSungai TerapView Detail
8171N. intermediaSungai TerapView Detail
8761Segregant from P13Taipei, TaiwanView Detail
8762Segregant from P17Taipei, TaiwanView Detail
8763Segregant from P25Manila, PhilippinesView Detail
8764Segregant from P27Manila, PhilippinesView Detail
8766Segregant from P61Sing-in, TaiwanView Detail
8767Segregant from P142Bogor, JavaView Detail
8768Segregant from P147Bogor, JavaView Detail
8769Segregant from P176Tjipanas, JavaView Detail
8776Segregant from P831Fred, Texas U.S.A.View Detail
8778Segregant from P8988 Mile Plain, Queensland, AustraliaView Detail
8781Segregant from P1407Homestead, Florida U.S.A.View Detail
8782Segregant from 1408PHomestead, Florida U.S.A.View Detail
8785Segregant from P1413Homestead, Florida U.S.A.View Detail
8786Segregant from P1415Homestead, Florida U.S.A.View Detail
8791Segregant from P1515Hefei, ChinaView Detail
8792Segregant from P1526Hefei, ChinaView Detail
8793Segregant from P1737Goroka, Papua New GuineaView Detail
8794Segregant from P1794Baiyer River, Papua New GuineaView Detail
8795Segregant from P1878Tiaba, Papua New GuineaView Detail
8796Segregant from P2362Arue, Tahiti (Moorea)View Detail
8798Segregant from P2533Madaurai, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8799Segregant from P2536Madaurai, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8800Segregant from P2538Madaurai, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8801Segregant from P2542Madaurai, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8803Segregant from P2544Konappatti, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8804Segregant from P2546Konappatti, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8805Segregant from P2550Konappatti, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8806Segregant from P2551Konappatti, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8807Segregant from P2552Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8808Segregant from P2554Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8809Segregant from P2555Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8810Segregant from P2567Mallilinatham, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8811Segregant from P2632Georgetown, Malaya (Penang)View Detail
8812Segregant from P2938Ban Khao Yai, ThailandView Detail
8824Segregant from P3495Carrefour Mme. Gras, HaitiView Detail
8825Segregant from P3540Yopougon, Ivory CoastView Detail
8826Segregant from P3543Yopougon, Ivory CoastView Detail
8833Segregant from P3770Adiopodoume, Ivory CoastView Detail
8836Segregant from P3824Loubomo, CongoView Detail
8839Segregant from P3839Madingo, CongoView Detail
8840Segregant from P3843Madingo, CongoView Detail
8841Segregant from P3852Bouanza, CongoView Detail
8843Segregant from P3932Makokou, GabonView Detail
8844Segregant from P4095Laie, Oahu, HawaiiView Detail
8855Segregant from P4277Adiopodoume, Ivory CoastView Detail
8857Segregant from P4331Konappatti, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8861Segregant from P4336Mallilinatham, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8862Segregant from P4344Ban Phru Mao, ThailandView Detail
8868Segregant from P4363Madaurai, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8869Segregant from P4364Madaurai, Tamil Nadu IndiaView Detail
8882Segregant from P8045Puerto Cortes, HondurasView Detail
8885Segregant from M10Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8886Segregant from M101Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8887Segregant from M105Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8888Segregant from M110Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8889Segregant from M14Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8890Segregant from M17Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8891Segregant from M19Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8892Segregant from M2Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8893Segregant from M64Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8894Segregant from M65Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8895Segregant from M71Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8896Segregant from M77Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8897Segregant from M86Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8898Segregant from M92Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8899Segregant from M95Maddur, Karnataka IndiaView Detail
8901Segregant from FGSC 434Monrovia, LiberiaView Detail
8902Segregant from FGSC 435Levuka, FijiView Detail
8915TJISARVA, Java IndonesiaView Detail
8928N. intermediaMiddlebush, VanuatuView Detail
8972W545MataivaView Detail
8977W552TahitiView Detail
8996W1006Jakes Branch, NJView Detail
9599Maddur 60AM1991-60AView Detail
9600Maddur 107AM1991-107AView Detail