Standard wild type N. crassa

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1228N. crassaAbbott 4AView Detail
1691N. crassaChiltonView Detail
1693N. crassaLein 8aView Detail
1757N. crassaAbb4View Detail
1758N. crassaAbb12View Detail
2218N. crassaRL3-8View Detail
2219N. crassaRL21View Detail
2440N. crassaEm(KJT1960)View Detail
2460N. crassaEm(LSDT1969)View Detail
2461N. crassaEm(LSDT1969)View Detail
2489N. crassa 74-OR23-1VA74-OR23-1VAView Detail
2490Has been replaced by strain number: 4200ORSaView Detail
2556N. crassaHC462View Detail
262STA4STA4View Detail
351N. crassaAbbott 12View Detail
352N. crassaEm5297aView Detail
353N. crassaLindegren 25aView Detail
354N. crassaLindegren 1A (not authentic)View Detail
3834N. crassa STa(73a)STa(73a)View Detail
4200N. crassaORS-SL6aView Detail
424Has been replaced by strain number: 626Em5256View Detail
5222Lindegren 1AView Detail
5729Fast growthpolygenicView Detail
5730Fast growthpolygenicView Detail
5731Slow growthpolygenicView Detail
5732Slow growthpolygenicView Detail
621N. crassaSY4f3aView Detail
622N. crassaSY7AView Detail
626N. crassaEm5256View Detail
627N. crassaEm5297aView Detail
683N. crassaChiltonView Detail
687N. crassaAbbottView Detail
691N. crassaEm1534.12View Detail
692N. crassaEm 1535.11View Detail
739N. crassaAbbottView Detail
740N. crassaChilton aView Detail
757N. crassaAbbottView Detail
847N. crassaLein 7AView Detail
853N. crassa(+)View Detail
935N. crassa3.1aView Detail
936N. crassa5.5aView Detail
987N. crassa74-OR23-1AView Detail
988N. crassa74-OR8-1a--View Detail