Neurospora- Strains for Forcing and Resolving Heterokaryons

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
8373his-3 cyh-1; Bml[r]; inl1-234-723, KH52(r); 511(r); 37401I,V,VIView Detail
8374his-3 cyh-1; Bml[r]; inl a[m33]1-234-723, KH52(r), 511(r); 37401I,V,VIView Detail
8375his-3::tk+ cyh-1; Bml[r]; inlKH52(r);511(r); 37401IView Detail
8376his-3+::tk[+] cyh-1; Bml[r] pan-2 a[m33]KH52(r); 511(r); Y153M96I, VIView Detail
8377his-3+::tk[+] cyh-1; Bml[r] pan-2; inl a[m33]KH52(r); 511(r); Y153M96;37401I,VI,VView Detail
8378his-3+::tk+ cyh-1; Bml[r]; inl; nic-3 a[m33]KH52(r); 511(r); 37401;Y31881I, VI, V, VIIView Detail
8745mat^delta {tk^+(FUDR^s)} cyh-1; Bml pan-2; inlHelper 2View Detail
8746mat^delta his-2 {tk^+(FUDR^s)} cyh-1; Bml pan-2; inlHelper 4 his-2 is allele RLM127View Detail
8747mat^delta his-3; {hyg^R tk^+(FUDR^s)} Bml pan-2Helper 5 his-3 is allele 1-234-723View Detail
8748mat^delta his-3; inl; Bml pan-2Helper 6 his-3 is allele 1-234-723View Detail