Neurospora- Strains for Targetted transformation

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
10216un-16, mus-52View Detail
10217un-16, mus-52View Detail
10218un-16, mus-51View Detail
10219un-16, mus-51View Detail
10340rid; mus-51RIP70View Detail
10341rid; mus-51RIP70View Detail
13442NCU02435.2 heterokaryon mus-51 (hH2B)KOVIIView Detail
20277NCU08290.2 (mus-51)KOIVView Detail
20278NCU08290.2 (mus-51)KOIVView Detail
8071am target strain TEC39View Detail
8072am target strain TEC41View Detail
8914mep1 his-3; inl(SadI-BglII)::lambdaAView Detail
9096his-3::lpl ^delta(5192-6046) ::hph+::tk+; inlI, VView Detail
9097his-3::lpl ^delta(5192-6046) ::hph+::tk+; inlI, VView Detail
9538mus-51 delta::Bar; his-3View Detail
9539mus-52 delta::Bar; his-3View Detail
9567mus-52::Hyg^rView Detail
9568mus-52::Hyg^rIIIView Detail
9595mus-51::Hyg^rView Detail
9717delta mus-51::bar+; his-31-234-723IV; IView Detail
9718delta mus-51::bar+IV; IView Detail
9719delta mus-52::bar+IIIView Detail
9720delta mus-52::bar+; his-31-234-723III; IView Detail
A1147pyrG89; argB2; pabaB22, nkuA::argB; riboB2View Detail
A1148pyrG89; nkuB::A. fumigatus riboB; pyroA4, nkuA::argB, riboB2View Detail
A1149pyrG89; pyroA4; nkuA::argBView Detail
A1150pyroA4; nkuA::argB; riboB2View Detail
A1151pyrG^AF::Delta KU80View Detail
A1153yA1 pabaA1 pyroA4 argB2 nkuA::barView Detail
A1154yA1 pabaA1 niiA4 nkuA::barView Detail
A1155Aspergillus nidulans, pyrG89 pyroA4 nkuA::barView Detail
A1157akuA::ptrAView Detail
A1158akuA::loxP-hygro^R/tkView Detail
A1159akuA::loxPView Detail
A1182Delta kusA::AmdSView Detail
A1190ordA, Ku70KOView Detail
A1243A. parasiticus Delta ku70View Detail
A1244A. flavus Delta ku70 Delta pyrGView Detail
A1279KusA::amdS; pyrGKOView Detail
A1280akuA::loxP [ATCC46645 background]aku::loxP [ATCC46645 background]View Detail
A1421A. flavus CA14 deltaKu70 delta PyrGKOView Detail
A1515A. niger pyrG-, KusA::AfpyrGKOView Detail