Two component heterokaryons of Neurospora crassa for studying the effects of various repair deficient mutations on mutation induction in the ad-3 region

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
2582his-2 ad-3A ad-3B nic-2;ad-2;inlC94 Y112M13 35203 43002;Y175M256;JH319IR IR IR IR;IIIR;VRView Detail
4772his-2 ad-3A ad-3B nic-2;ad-2;upr-1;inlIR R R R;IIIR;IL;VRView Detail
4773his-2 ad-3A ad-3B nic-2;ad-2;inl;uvs-2IR R R R;IIIR;VR;IVRView Detail
4774his-2 ad-3A ad-3B nic-2;ad-2;inl;uvs-4IR R R R;IIIR;VR;IIICView Detail
4775his-2 ad-3A ad-3B nic-2;ad-2;inl;uvs-5IR R R R;IIIR;VR;IIIRView Detail
4959deleted from collection?View Detail