Neurospora- Strains used to study the genetic structure of the ad-3 region and impaired complementation between non-allelic mutations in Neurospora

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
5016ad-3BIR11-1-11View Detail
5017ad-3BIR11-1-5View Detail
5018ad-3BIR11-1-6View Detail
5019ad-3BIR11-1-8View Detail
5020ad-3BIR11-1-13View Detail
5021ad-3BIR11-1-122View Detail
5022ad-3BIR11-1-1View Detail
5023ad-3BIR11-1-2View Detail
5024ad-3BIR11-1-7View Detail
5025ad-3BIR11-1-10View Detail
5026ad-3BIR11-1-121View Detail
5027ad-3BIR11-1-123View Detail