Neurospora- Tester sets of strains to determine the genotype of ad-3 mutants induced in homokaryons or two-component heterokaryons

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
4764ad-3A1-68-13IRView Detail
4765ad-3B2-17-128IRView Detail
4766ad-3B2-32-3IRView Detail
4767ad-3B2-32-5IRView Detail
4768ad-2;inlY175M256;JH319IIIR;VRView Detail
4926ad-3B2-31-8IRView Detail
4933his-2 nic-2 al-2C94 43002 Y112M38IR IR IRView Detail
4936ad-3B2-17-258IRView Detail
4937ad-3B1-112-2IRView Detail
5041ad-3A1-68-13IRView Detail
5042ad-2;inl1-175-256;JH319IIIR;VRView Detail
5509his-2 nic-2 al-2C94 43002 1-112-38IR R RView Detail
5853ad-3B2-17-258ILView Detail
6501ad-3B2-31-8IRView Detail
6506ad-3B2-32-3IRView Detail
6507ad-3B2-32-5IRView Detail
677ad-3BY112M2IRView Detail
885ad-3B2-17-128IRView Detail