Strains from various sequencing programs

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
10004Phycomyces blakesleeanusView Detail
10005Phycomyces blakesleeanusView Detail
10135Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis NOT AVAILABLEView Detail
10136Verticillium albo-atrumView Detail
10137Verticillium dahliaeView Detail
10138Verticillium dahliaeView Detail
10151Chaetomium globosumView Detail
10173Stagonospora nodorum SN15View Detail
10212Colletotrichum graminicolaView Detail
10222Sordaria macrospora k-hellView Detail
10290T. reesei RUT C30View Detail
10291Rhodotorula graminis WP1View Detail
10316NOT AVAILABLE Botrytis cinera, Genoscope sequenced genome strainBotrytis cinera, Genoscope sequenced genome strainView Detail
10317Botrytis cinera, Not available, not viableBotrytis cinera, Syngenta sequenced genome strainView Detail
10368Cryptococcus H99View Detail
10383Podospora anserina genome strain SView Detail
10384Podospora anserina genome strain SView Detail
10389Agaricus bisporus Not AvailableView Detail
10392Agaricus bisporus Not Availablevar burnettiiView Detail
10586Trichoderma virensView Detail
10993C. neoformans var grubii diploid ade2/ADE2 ura5/URA5 MAT-alpha/MAT aView Detail
2489N. crassa 74-OR23-1VA74-OR23-1VAView Detail
2508N. tetraspermaLihue-1v1View Detail
2509N. tetraspermaLihue-1v2View Detail
7600Fusarium verticillioidesmt A-, VCG A7View Detail
8579Neurospora from the USABelen, NM U.S.A.View Detail
8958Magnaporthe grisea wild-type 70-15View Detail
8961Fusarium verticillioides M3125View Detail
9002Phanerochaete chrysosporium RP-78KazakhstanView Detail
9003Coprinus cinereus Okayama 7ade8-1, mating type A43B43IView Detail
9013OR74A74-OR23-1VA-derivativeView Detail
9021Ustilago maydis UM521 a1 b1a1 b1 United KingdomView Detail
9075F. graminearumMichigan, USAView Detail
9487Cryptococcus neoformans H99New York, USAView Detail
9543Rhizopus oryzaeView Detail
9596Fusarium solani f. sp. Pisi77-13-4View Detail
9914U. maydis 1/2 a1b1a1b1View Detail
9923Ashbya gossypiiView Detail
9935F. oxysporum fsp lycopersiciView Detail
A1100A. fumigatus AF293View Detail
A1120A. flavus from EST programView Detail
A1121A. nigerView Detail
A1143A. niger genome strainView Detail
A1144A. niger genome strainView Detail
A1156Aspergillus terreusView Detail
A1163A. fumigatus CEA10 derivative with A. niger pyrG Mating type 1-1View Detail
A1164Neosartorya fischeriView Detail
A1243A. parasiticus Delta ku70View Detail
A1244A. flavus Delta ku70 Delta pyrGView Detail
A1513A. niger genome strainView Detail
A4Glasgow wild type (veA+)View Detail