Aspergillus- Back cross strains

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
A126pabaA1 yA2;wA3 (ve+)IR IR;IILView Detail
A17adG14 (veA+)ILView Detail
A18adG14 yA2(veA+)IL IRView Detail
A204AcrA1;chaA1IIL;VIIIRView Detail
A205AcrA1;lysB5IIL;VLView Detail
A221adG14;AcrA1 wA3IL;IIL IILView Detail
A222AcrA1 wA3;lysB5;chaA1IIL IIL;VL;VIIIRView Detail
A223wA3;lysB5;chaA1IIL;VL;VIIIRView Detail
A343adG14 proA1 pabaA1 yA2;wA3 (ve+)IL IL IR IR;IILView Detail
A360AcrA1;lysB5;chaA1IIL;VL;VIIIRView Detail
A365yA2;AcrA1;lysB5;chaA1IR;IIL;VL;VIIIRView Detail
A80adG14 proA1 pabaA1 (ve+)IR IR IRView Detail
A81adG14 pabaA1 yA2;(ve+)IL IR IRView Detail
A82pabaA1 yA2;(ve+)IR IRView Detail
A83yA2;(ve+)IRView Detail