Aspergillus- Strains for diploids to map centromeres

This catalog interface replaces the print or pdf version. It is based on the FGSC strain database.

FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
A154adE20 biA1;wA2 cnxE16;sC12;methG1;nicA2;lacA1;choA1;chaA1IR IR;IIL IIR;IIIL;IVL;VL;VIR;VIIR;VIIIRView Detail
A338yA2;wA3 puA1 cnxE16 adC1 acrB2IR;IIL IIR IIR IIR IIRView Detail
A363suA1adE20 riboA1 anA1 luA1 pabaA1 yA2 adE20 biA1;AcrA1IL IL IL IL IR IR IR IR;IILView Detail
A370adG14;sA1;pyroA4;chaA1 T1(V;VI)IL;IIIL;IVR;VIIIRView Detail
A377riboA1 yA2 adE20IR IR IRView Detail
A457proA1 biA1;galE9 sC12 dilA1 phenA2;choA1IL IR;IIIL IIIL IIIL IIIR;VIIRView Detail
A458riboA1 proA yA2;AcrA1;adI50 methH2 galA1 ActA1 suB4proIL IL IR;IIL;IIIL IIIL IIIL IIIL IIIRView Detail
A464suA1adE20 pabaA1 yA2 adE20;AcrA1;lacA1 bwA1 sB3 sbA3IL IR IR IR II;VIR VIR VIR VIRView Detail
A474sulA1 adE20;AcrA1;ActA1;choA1;chaA1IL IR;IIL;IIIL;VIIR;VIIIRView Detail
A476sulA1 adE20;AcrA1;ActA1;lysB5 choA1IL IR;IIL;IIIL;VL;VIIRView Detail
A479galD5 suA1adE20 riboA1 anA1 pabaA1 yA2 adE20 biA1IL IL IL IL IR IR IR IRView Detail
A517riboA1 yA2 adE20;methG1 suC11adE20 palC4 pabaB22 pyroA4IL IR IR;IVL IVL IVR IVR IVRView Detail
A550anA1 adE20 biA1;AcrA1;ActA1;sB3;choA1;fwA2IL IR;IIL;IIIL;VIR;VIIR;VIIIRView Detail