Wild Type Aspergillus Strains

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
A1000A. nidulans wild typeJ67, Birmingham, UK 11/62View Detail
A1001A. nidulans wild typeK68, Birmingham, UK 11/62View Detail
A1002A. nidulans wild typeL80, Pembroke, UK 11/62View Detail
A1003A. nidulans wild typeM85, Pembroke, UK 11/62View Detail
A1004A. nidulans wild typeN89, Cambridgeshire, UK 11/62View Detail
A1005A. nidulans wild typeQ106, Warwickshire, UK 11/62View Detail
A1006A. nidulans wild typeR99, Portsmouth, UK 11/62View Detail
A1007A. nidulans wild typeU114, Pembrokeshire, UK 11/62View Detail
A1008A. nidulans wild typeV154, Devon, UK 6/63View Detail
A1099A. niger LemoreView Detail
A1100A. fumigatus AF293View Detail
A1120A. flavus from EST programView Detail
A1121A. nigerView Detail
A1143A. niger genome strainView Detail
A1144A. niger genome strainView Detail
A1156Aspergillus terreusView Detail
A1163A. fumigatus CEA10 derivative with A. niger pyrG Mating type 1-1View Detail
A1168S MorphotypeView Detail
A1169S MorphotypeView Detail
A117prototroph, wild type color (no veA+)View Detail
A1170S MorphotypeView Detail
A1171S MorphotypeView Detail
A1259Aspergillus fumigatus, clinical isolate AF210View Detail
A1260Aspergillus fumigatus, clinical isolate AF10View Detail
A1513A. niger genome strainView Detail
A251A. heterothallicusAView Detail
A252A. heterothallicusaView Detail
A4Glasgow wild type (veA+)View Detail
A732A. niger wild typeView Detail
A815A. oryzae wild typeView Detail
A90Grindle wild isolate 2View Detail
A91Grindle white sporesView Detail
A92Grindle wild type 26View Detail
A93Grindle yellow sporesView Detail
A94Grindle wild type 36View Detail
A95Grindle white sporesView Detail
A96Grindle wild type 44View Detail
A97Grindle yellow sporesView Detail
A991A. nidulans wild typeA65, Birmingham UK 10/62View Detail
A992A. nidulans wild typeB1, Birmingham UK 1954View Detail
A993A. nidulans wild typeC31, Edgebaston, UK 4/62View Detail
A994A. nidulans wild typeD34, Edgebaston, UK 4/62View Detail
A995A. nidulans wild typeE43, Durham, UK 6/62View Detail
A996A. nidulans wild typeF108, Kent, UK 11/62View Detail
A997A. nidulans wild typeG143, Cornwall, UK 5/63View Detail
A998A. nidulans wild typeH109, Kent, UK 11/62View Detail
A999A. nidulans wild typeI66, Edgebaston, UK 11/62View Detail