A. nidulans Aberration Strains

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FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
A3biA1;wA3;sA6 T1(III;VIII);T1(VI;VII)IR;IIL;IIILView Detail
A348anA1 adE20 biA1;wA2;lysB5IL IR IR;IIL;VRView Detail
A350biA1;phenA2;lysA1 sB3IR;IIIR;VIR VIRView Detail
A38wA1;lysA1 (veA+)IL;VIRView Detail
A382yA2;adH23 AcrA1 wA3 anB2IR;IIL IIL IIL IIRView Detail
A428pabaA1 adE20 biA1IR IR IRView Detail
A429pabaA1 adE20 biA1 T(II;VII) Ab?IR IR IRView Detail
A50adE20 biA1 T(II;VII) Ab?IR IRView Detail
A638yA2;lysA1 (AbVI?)IR;VIRView Detail
A693pyroB12 biA1;wA3 T1(III->VIII);T1(VI;VII)IL IL;IILView Detail
A694biA1;wA3;sucA1 T1(III->VIII); T1(VI;VII)IR;IIL;--View Detail
A718biA1;wA3;galF2 T1(III;VIII) T1(VI;VII)IR;IIL;VIIIView Detail
A795yA2;lacA1 BwA1 lysA1(AbVI) sB3 sbA3IR;IVR R R R R RView Detail