The Neurospora Genome Project at the University of New Mexico

The Neurospora Genome Project (NGP) at UNM received a substantial boost this past summer upon receiving funding from the National Science Foundation. The project is co- directed by four faculty members in the Department of Biology: Don Natvig, Mary Anne Nelson, Margaret Werner- Washburne and Rob Miller. We now have a sizable crew, with a postdoctoral associate (Seogchan Kang), two graduate assistants and eight undergraduates. The current focus is the sequencing of random cDNA clones from conidial, mycelial and perithecial libraries. We are committed to the rapid and unrestricted release of information obtained from our efforts. Toward this end, we are providing a number of online services that should prove helpful. The NGP at UNM world wide web site ( provides a list of N. crassa cDNAs for which apparent homologs from other organisms have been identified. Clones are available upon request (email: In addition, this site provides information about the goals and activities of the project, as well as links to other useful sites.

In collaboration with the UNM High Performance Computing, Education and Research Center, the NGP at UNM is providing open access to a server for BLAST searches of the NGP database ( N. crassa cDNA clones identified in the database, including those encoding previously uncharacterized genes, will be available to interested researchers (as above).

A longer- term goal of this project is the positioning of cDNA clones on the genetic/RFLP map of N. crassa. Researchers are encouraged to submit all available data about overlappping clones, so that such information can be incorporated into a comprehensive map of use to the entire community. We have also assumed responsibility for data derived from RFLP mapping efforts

[see Fungal Gene . Newsl. 42:82- 90 (1995) for most recent map]. Please submit any new results to Mary Anne Nelson ( or Don Natvig ( Numbers may be assigned to submissions to preserve confidentiality.

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