Fungal Genetics Newsletter 42 - 1995

Table of Contents

1995 Aspergillus bibliography
Compiled by John Clutterbuck


1995 Neurospora bibliography
Compiled by J.C. Schmit

 N. BABUDRI and G. MORPURGO - A mutant strain of Aspergillus nidulans is hypersensitive to cycloheximide
pg 15

 N. BABUDRI, G. MORPURGO, C. CHECCHI, S. PIMPINELLI and A. MARINI - Genotoxic activity of 2-amino-N-hydroxylaminopurine (AHA) in Aspergillus nidulans

 FREDERICK J. BOWRING AND DAVID E.A. CATCHESIDE - An economical strategy for chromosome walking in the Neurospora crassa pMOcosX library
pp 18-20

 JOSEPH P. BRUNELLI and MARTIN L. PALL - A lambda/plasmid Cre/lox hybrid vector for large genomic (18kb) fragment insertions and fungal genomic library construction
pp 21-22

 AUSTIN BURT, DEIDRE A. CARTER, GINA L. KOENIG, THOMAS J. WHITE and JOHN W. TAYLOR - A safe method of extracting DNA from Coccidioides immitis
pg 23

 MARK L. FARMAN and SALLY A. LEONG - Restriction maps of telomeres from Magnaporthe grisea
pp 24-25

 MICHAEL FREITAG and MATTHEW S. SACHS - A simple dot blot assay to measure hygromycin B phosphotransferase activity in whole cell extracts of Neurospora crassa
pp 26-28

 KRISTINA GARNAND and MARY ANNE NELSON - The effect of DNA structure and restriction enzymes on transformation efficiencies in Neurospora crassa
pp 29-31

 UWE HILGERT and HANS D. VANETTEN - Reduced viability of N. crassa ergosterol mutants on Vogel's medium

D.J. JACOBSON, J. OHRNBERGER, AND R.A. AKINS - The Wilson-Garnjobst heterokaryon incompatibility tester strains of Neurospora crassa contain modifiers which influence growth rate of heterokaryons and distort segregation ratios.
pp 34-40

 HEI LEUNG, PAT LOOMIS, AND MARTIN L. PALL - Transformation of Magnaporthe grisea to phosphinothricin resistance using the bar gene from Streptomyces hygroscopicus
pp 41-43

 ROBYN LINTS, MERYL DAVIS and MICHAEL HYNES - A chromosome walk linking the gatA and alcC genes of Aspergillus nidulans
pp 44-45

 LINDA K. LYNGHOLM, PEGGY R. THORSON, CAROLINE A. SPIKE AND CHARLOTTE R. BRONSON - Mutants of Cochliobolus heterostrophus deficient in extracellular enzymes
pp 46-48

 VERONICA J. MARRO and BERNARD C. LAMB - White ascospore mutants in Ascobolus immersus: lack of the secondary spore wall, and allelism-testing
pp 49-52

 SALVATORE MORICCA, TAKAO KASUGA, KEITH MITCHELSON and ALESSANDRO RAGAZZI - Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum 5.8s rRNA gene and adjacent ITS1 and ITS2 regions
pp 53-55

 S.R. NOZAWA, I.C. RIGOLI, G. THEDEI JR. and A. ROSSI - Mind the buffering capacity of citric acid
pg 56

 J. OHRNBERGER and R. A. AKINS - Cloning of the copper-inducible metallothionein (cmt) promoter from Neurospora crassa
pp 57-58

 DAVID D. PERKINS - Neurospora chromosome rearrangements with mutant phenotypes provide an opportunity to sequence breakpoint junctions
pp 59-61

 W.A. POWELL and Z.H. YAN - Recombination between Fusarium oxysporum telomeres and pUC ampicillin resistance gene in a transforming vector.
pp 62-64

 ALICE L. SCHROEDER, MARTIN L. PALL, JAMES LOTZGESELL AND JACIE SIINO - Homologous recombination following transformation in Neurospora crassa wild type and mutagen sensitive strains.
pp 65-68

 M. SCHUMACHER, YI-ZHONG LIU, HONGJIAN LIU, and T.J. SCHMIDHAUSER - Characterization of Neurospora crassa albino mutants that were previously unassigned to locus.
pp 69-70

 SASWATI SENGUPTA, T. BHAVANI PRASANNA and D.P. KASBEKAR - Sterol 14,15 reductase (erg-3) mutations switch the phenotype of Neurospora crassa from sensitivity to the tomato saponin alpha-tomatine to sensitivity to the pea phytoalexin pisatin
pp 71-72

P. SILAR - Two new easy to use vectors for transformations.
pg 73

 MICHAEL J. SINGER, ELENA A. KUZMINOVA, ALISON THARP, BRIAN S. MARGOLIN AND ERIC U. SELKER - Different frequencies of RIP among early vs. late ascospores of Neurospora crassa
pp 74-75

 M.S. STANLEY, P. HOOLEY and N.J.W. CLIPSON - A rapid method of heterologous gene cloning using cotransformation of lambda genomic DNA banks in Aspergillus nidulans
pp 76-77

 W.K. VERSAW and R.L. METZENBERG - Genetic mapping of the N. crassa pho-5 gene
pg 78

 BRIAN WHITE and DOW WOODWARD - A simple method for making disposable race tubes
pg 79

 JIN-RONG XU and JOHN E. HAMER - Assessment of Magnaporthe grisea mating type by spore PCR
pg 80

 P.J. YEADON and DAVID E.A. CATCHESIDE - Polymorphism in the 3 flank of his-3 and the origin of Neurospora wild-types
pg 81

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